Ducktales World Showcase

Does anyone know if we can do the Ducktales Scavenger Hunt over multiple days? Also, are there any countries that are “Must Do” over others for this if we are short on time?

TP was in EP yesterday, filming to make a tutorial for this. Hopefully that blog will be out soon enough to be helpful for your trip.

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Yes, over several days is entirely possible. If I recall correctly, in France you make a duck appear at the roof line, and everyone around thinks it is cool.

We loved the Japan one - the final reveal is in a high-traffic area that can get a lot of bang for your buck and surprise people.

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Haven’t done this version but with Phineas, Mexico was good when it was hot outside! I like the UK effects back then too. I look forward to trying this one out!

This looks fun but I wish it didn’t involve a phone app.