DSiL - Day One

Hello Everybody.

So the lag kicked in this morning and to her credit DSiL was up at 0530 even after getting to Chateau Johnny at 0005 due to nasty FL lightening at Orlando. $90 the poorer through a taxi ride through the natural car wash of spring weather. Remember DSiL had never done a theme park, US holiday or spent any time with us on hols. Oh and she hates to queue - sorry stand in line. :wink:

So there we are at RD at AK at 0820 with DD saying ‘i’m bored’ and DW saying ‘i don’t remember it being like this.’ Neither did I. 2 years had eradicated the pass through the turn styles and the revving of engines at Discovery Island. Bird flying etc. So DSiL turn after about 10 mins and says, so why are we here so early? At which point I say turn around. :slight_smile: The look on her face at the packed humanity behind us was worth it.

So we hacked through Dino to EE to be met with 4 zillion blue T-shirted students, we about turned and did Dino and then braced ourselves for a non-FP+ EE. At this point DSiL started to wax lyrical about the staging/themeing and I knew there was no turning back for her. Welcome to the Mousetrap. … More to come


I’m glad your first day was good! I hope you don’t get hit with too much jet lag.

Thank you for your report. I hope you were with her on her first EE ride and we get a full report!

That reminds me of when I fully bought into the TP strategies. We were at DCA, and everything we did was essentially a walk-on and the park did not seem crowded. However, every time we looked behind us we saw throngs of people and long lines. I likened it to catching the first big wave in a series and having a long, clean run to the beach. :smile:


Sounds like your DSIL is in good hands! Have a great time😎

EE ride was fun. Things I learned. 1. She is not a screamer. 2. Enjoyed going backwards. 3. Had fun and wasn’t phased. Must try harder!


Tower of Terror?

Ate it up.