DSIL Day Four in the Parks - The Making of a Liner

OK. So our plan was to arrive late (yes late!) at MK and stay late. Four days of park activity had taken it’s toll and was planned for with extra magic bed time.
We knew it was a 10 crowd, and as we always have been at here during spring break, we knew what to expect and that we could deal with it and that TP would win.
Early indications were the security lines were a nightmare. But we had TP. We would survive.

11:30 No lines at TTY and no lines at security!
Into pick up, Sorcerer’s cards, DD joyful at getting 20 cards :smile:

Hung around and watched the parade in Main St before heading off to Space Mountain (FP).
Review of Space Mountain. DSIL Loved the feeling had to shut eyes because of visuals. So far so good.
Ate some of our packed lunch next to the car track thing. Never realised how eating sandwiches could be a spectator sport. Four of us sitting on a wall eating was way too much for some people who narrowly avoid walking into stuff as their chins dragged along the ground. We must be really funny looking.
Buzz (FP) next I won (natch) followed by DW, DD and DSIL with 2,500. A low score! Not her thing.
Bailed on Laugh Floor and went through the human flume that was the bridge to the fairy castle. Stop waving your coloured stick at me and telling me to walk to the right. There is NO ONE ON THE LEFT.
What is this the tube escalator?
Tiki Room. - Really? We had never done that before ad all cred I had developed with DSIL vaporized.
We walked to Liberty Bell, i bailed to get a drink. Forgot MK was dry :frowning:
Peter Pan (FP) DSIL loved it.
DD, DW Carousel while I got FP for HH (felt like old times with the paper FPs, just for one second)
Skies were darkening so DSIL guides us to Philarmagic (she loves 3D) to avoid he rain. and holy flip was she right.
Weather went biblical as we were watching and we got to sit another 30 mins in comfort and as all hell let loose outside.
Landed at the Harbour around 1700 which considering the rain was not crowded and got great allergy service.
We split again. DW, DSIL did the train round the park and DD and I did Sorcerers and met back at the Main Street station.
At this point it was all stare at each other time. (Remember we are Irish and UK, so rain is our thing.) To go on? Or beer and wine at home?
Walked up through the Main Street shops and did Haunted House. DD bailed DSIL wimped but she regrets now - back tomorrow :smile:
Now we are on a roll. The weather has thinned out the 11 crowds.
We do Under the Sea, Wishes, Electric Parade, Thunder Mountain and It’s a Small World at a trot and start to head home.
And then it happened. DSIL could not walk passed the teacups and Dumbo without DW & DD dragging her on at 2330.
10 Crowd. Lightning. Torrential rain. No wine. Going with the flow. Refusing to be defeated. And just when to are to tired, you do just one more ride and then another.
Hardcore. Liner. Nuff said.
Further tributes to DD, DW and I yesterday. It was max melt down potential. But we had a great day.


That is an epic trip report. My hat is off to you.

ooh! I’m glad you posted here! It’s been fun following but hard to keep up on chat. (grabbing my carpet square and candies)

If I did that I would reveal my maile pattern baldness :slight_smile:

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Hee hee. I enjoy comedy posting. It passes the time in the lines. DW now used to it. DSIL freaked she had a following LOL.

As @DarthDopey said it was fun following on chat. Love your sense of humor. Rowan Atkinson has nothing on you. Unless, of course, you are Rowan Atkinson, in which case disregard previous remark. Look forward to more posts.

Definitely not RA. :smile:

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Glad to hear it’s all going so great for you.

awesome trip report! you guys nailed the touring plans at MK it sounds like!