Dropping a CP 2:15 Sat. Oct. 18

I’m planning on dropping a reservation at Crystal Palace for 10 at 2:15p.m. on Sat. Oct. 18. If you are interested in taking all or part of it let me know and I can try to coordinate with you?

@Marcya23 is looking for ADRs for a friend who is going with Make a Wish. She might be interested! I think her friends are there from the 15-21. Hopefully, she will check over here since I tagged her. I’ll add a post to the thread she started in chat, in case she checks again.

Is that still a character meal in the afternoon? She’s looking for character meals.

I believe it’s Pooh and friends all day.

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Certainly happy to help @Marcya23 if she wants it @scrapper1617. I’ll hold off for a bit just in case she hasn’t seen this yet. But I don’t want to wait too long, I feel bad sitting on such a big reservation! I do agree though that it has characters all day. We ate there for dinner last trip and had a great time.

I hope she sees it soon so you don’t have to wait long. I posted over in chat too.
We loved our pre-rd breakfast there in Jan.

Thanks @scrapper1617. Maybe I’ll give it until the end of the day tomorrow? Unless you know of another way to contact her?

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That would be nice if you don’t mind waiting another day. Maybe she’s had a busy week. I don’t know of another way to contact to her. I’ll post again on the thread she started on chat just in case.