Dropping 3rd FPP to get something else?

Yes. See example 3 up above.

Although technically you wouldn’t actually be holding an FP in the first park, because you need to have tapped in.

I have not tried that. I am guessing you could book the third park only after you scanned the first and second (FP/Park)

You can definitely book at 2 further parks after scanning the first FP.

But as I say, technically then you aren’t holding at 3 parks.

I have booked a second park after booking only one at a park and scanning. You are saying I can book two different parks? I never heard that before. Interesting.

Yes. Not in advance though. Only on the day.

Is there a work-around if I need a FP at the second park that day, not the first? In our situation, we are doing MK in the morning and then EP in the afternoon. I have a FEA FP at 4:40 PM. Is there any way to book FP in the morning at MK combined with this, or am I out of luck?

This really surprises me too. I never knew you could hold FP’s for more than one park at a time. Now I have to go back and re-think my plans! Leaving the day after tomorrow!

So, let me throw out an example. I have FoP @ 8:45, EE @ 9:55, and DINOSAUR @ 10:55. Then we are hopping to MK. Are you saying that after I scan into FoP, I can change DINOSAUR to a MK FP, even though I am still holding EE at AK? I thought I would have to wait until I scan into EE, then change DINOSAUR to a MK FP so I wouldn’t be in 2 different parks on MDE. Please clarify!

If you cancel Dinosaur you can make another FP as soon as you scan into the first one.

The scanning in tells the FP system “I’m here”. So now you’re entitled to book the rest of your "initial FPs.

You can only book advance FPs in one park. On the day, you can hold them in two.

No, you can’t: frowning_face:

You would need to scan in to an FP first to be able to book your remaining FPs.

So here’s some warnings, just before you get all excited.

In your case to be able to see what was available in another park, you would have to go through the Modify screens, past the warnings about FPs getting cancelled.

Having done that and seen reasonable FPs, you’d then need to come right out of the Modify screens. Otherwise it would delete EE and Dinosaur.

So then you go to the Dinosaur FO and cancel it.

Now back to Adda new FP and through the rigmarole.

Not for the faint-hearted. You’d need your wits about you. Way too easy to mess it up in my book :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t plan to be doing this unless I was genuinely relaxed about what rides to do in the next park. Then I’d just cancel and only then worry about what’s available in the next park.

Add to that the fact that MDE can glitch. If an FP doesn’t drop off your MDE when you scan in, then you won’t be able to continue without a visit to GS.

OK, so to me this sounds like something to try and do if on the day you are in a park your plans change and you want to hop to another park, not something you would plan on doing if you know that you will be hopping. Or at least do not plan on the idea that you will be able to hop and get useful Tier 1 FPPs - if you do, that is a bonus, but you TP in the second park should be based on the idea that you won’t.

This kind of goes along with my “bird in the hand” approach to making TPs with FPPs. I prefer to make TPs that utilize the most beneficial initial 3 FPPs - that way I know what to expect. I do not like to front load my FPPs early in the day (when they are not as beneficial) on the hopes that I will be able to book additional FPPs after I use them.


Thanks, @brklinck I did prepare my TP’s assuming no FP’s in the second park. The problem is, we don’t want to spend the entire day at AK, but we really wanted to ride FoP, so I was stuck. However, @Nicky_S, let me see if I understand you. When I was trying to get FoP over the past month, I went into MDE and requested to Add FP+ at AK. The system warned we that I would have to cancel my FP’s at MK if I wanted to proceed. I clicked “Continue with this Guest” for each member of my party so that I could check AK. When I didn’t see anything I wanted at AK, I just backed out of the screens on my phone (or clicked Start Over on my computer). I never confirmed anything, so my MK FP’s were safe at that point. Is this the same process? If I see something at MK that I want for later, I back out of everything, cancel DINOSAUR, book a new FP at MK, and my EE won’t be canceled?

Yes, that’s the process. You must back out of that modify function completely, otherwise if you proceed and cancel (and this applies even if you only had one to cancel), it will treat it as a modify and only let you book another at the same park.

Before the system actually actions something it tells you what it’s about to do and you have to confirm.

I’m sure anyone who is comfortable using MDE on the go could manage it though, it’s not impossible. And if it helps you then go for it. But I wouldn’t want to use it with my heart set on certain FPs.

I agree totally with @brklinck here. It’s a very useful strategy to use if you change your mind. That’s probably how I would use it.

It’s also very useful for people wanting to ride FOP but who don’t want to rejig their entire plans. Just book FOP on a day where you don’t need to ride other tier 1 attractions (and let’s include 7dmt here too).

But it can also be a strategy to use if you plan to park hop, like people doing 4 parks in a day, or “all the mountains”.

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@marciemiwi have you tested this?

@AuntB_luvsDisney and @Nicky_S, I just saw something Len said in an older post about FP+ that confuses me a little.

This seems to imply that if you only book 1 or 2 FP+ in advance, once you use those up you can get another FP+ in Tier 1 in the same park. Do you know if this is the case, or if Len was mistaken? Or maybe things have changed since 2014 when he wrote that?

Yes, I tested that and did it quite awhile ago. Was at Epcot, was able to tap in at Soarin’ and then book a ride at MK and Fantasmic at HS once I’d scanned at the first. I tried to look through my old pics (know I had one showing it) but can’t find it right now. This was at least a year ago though so can’t swear it hasn’t changed. I’ll try to test it the next time I have free FP’s available in a park.


@Beth33 - you definitely can’t do what he suggests there (get a second Tier 1 in the same park without using, tapping, or passing the windows of two Tier 2’s). You could do it for another park (ride Soarin’ then immediately grab one for RnRC for example).


Great examples! I finally understand!

Could you also see if it works by booking just one first or if it is connected to canceling?