Drop/Pick Up Dining Reservations

Can someone remind me if there is some secret to this? I know I’ve seen casual conversations about it here and there, but is it just as simple as I can be looking to book as soon as she cancels it? Should we do it at a specific time where there might be lower traffic/competition for me to pick it back up?

A friend of ours got a Topolino’s breakfast reservation for their departure day, but their flights got moved and they won’t be able to make it anymore, but it’s our HS day, so would fit nicely into our plans.

I don’t think there is a secret way for a reservation to change hands entirely except cancelling and hoping the intended person can pick it up right away. No guarantees there, I’ve had it fail. However, if you both are comfortable enough with each other they could just not cancel the reservation and you show up and give their name. Or, if your MDE and theirs are linked as “friends” they could modify the reservation to include you as a “guest”, then it will at least show up in your MDE and you just give your own name, and say friends A and B couldn’t make it but you brought others instead. They don’t really care as long as someone shows up for the ADR.


We did it! The reservation is only for 4, and we are a group of 5, so I will have to sit on hold and see if I can get someone to change that for me…or give DH the morning off and let him meet us at HS :sweat_smile: