Drop 1900 dinner... Would I be crazy? And M&Gs

We will be in disney 9 nights. We have hopper tix. My plan for MK days is to hit lands. I don’t like crossing parks and being all over the place. I was thinking of our Sunday be a meet and greet day. Having already done most attractions we want… We have the time to “leisurely” do a bunch of M&Gs. Thoughts…??
Also… I have 1900 dinner & CRT in our plans. My daughter would like to meet rapunzal… I know she meets with Cindy at the castle, and Cindy is also at the two meals… Should I cut 1900? Is rapunzal anywhere else to meet?
What would you do?

It may change but currently Cinderella and Rapunzal meet in Princess Hall.

Well personally I like Anastasia and Drizella at 1900 PF and Lady Tremaine if she is there better than Cindy.

It is what will be best for you and family. Last time I went to 1900 PF, I found the food a little more lacking, but the sisters priceless.

If you time it right, you can meet Lady Tremaine and her daughters at MK behind the carrousel during the mornings. You can also meet the Fairy Godmother there, and two mice. If you have a character day, you may want to do that. You cannot meet the prince anywhere other than 1900 PF. You have to plan for the timing though. Their sets are short and the line is cut off early in their meet. We tried twice before we were able to meet them last week.

The meet is great, though. It is worth doing one way or another!