Drop 1

Drop 1:

Cape May Cafe - Breakfast
Via Napoli - Dinner
50s Prime Time -Lunch
Boma - Dinner
Be our Guest- Dinner
Tusker House - Lunch
Ohana - Breakfast
Garden Grill - lunch
1900 Fan Fare - Breakfast

We are a family of four with 2 kids but give your opinion based on quality of experience and food.

I have not eaten at any of these since Covid closed WDW.

Recent reports seem to indicate that Be Our Guest has slipped.

Very good reports for Topolinos tho I don’t know what would switch with it.

Do your kids eat a lot? The prix fixe options are painful if they don’t.

Yes, my daughter is slim but eats like a man. She will be considered a Disney Adult.

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Has 1900 Park Fare even reopened?

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I am an international traveller so when I write, it is as if I am dreaming things will be back to normal.


I have only been to BoG and it was a great experience, so I wouldn’t drop that one if you haven’t been. But it’s too expensive for repeats until they come back with quick service lunch.

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I’d drop BoG. That’s only based on the list. I have heard good things (my sister’s family and my DD’s boyfriend’s family have both eaten there since reopening). But compared to the rest of the list, it’s the one I’d ditch.

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1900 park fare hasn’t reopened I don’t think so that makes it easy - drop that one!

I’m reading now that you’re planning for down the road a piece, so if 1900 IS open definitely KEEP that. In prepandemic days anyway it was some of the best character interaction anywhere.

If you’re Keeping 1900, then I would drop BOG.

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Can I do a swap and suggest Sci-Fi Dine In instead? So fun and I think the food is very good as well.


Are you in it for the food or the interaction? We did BOG dinner and it was fine, I would say not worth the price (or the two dining plan credits SOB) BUT my son wanted to meet the Beast so our hands were tied. If you need to keep BOG I’d drop Prime Time.

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