Droid Depot--what do you do with the droid after you build it?

So I was thinking about our visit to Droid Depot–if we want to ride things afterwards, and we will, what do we do with the droids?

I found this:
Oscar’s Super Service near the park entrance. There he was able to have the droids safely stored for a fee of $5 each https://plandisney.disney.go.com/question/pickup-droid-front-park-building-pickup-depot-fit-locker-456433/

Is that a good idea, or is there another option that works better? If you had a backpack, what do I do with the backpack, say somewhere like SDD during the ride?

Can you bring them into Oga’s?
Or do they not serve their kind in there?


We had the kids each bring a backpack and they carried them. Backpacks are allowed on all rides and we had no issues.

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Thank you–I will plan for that.

We got these, and put Star Wars patches and various buttons all over them. It’s a relatively small backpack (good for kids), with a padded bottom. And you can zip down and tuck the upper flap so the droid can “see out.” Worked great for both droid types (YDS with BB type on left, MDS with R type on right).

Backpack for Women, OMOUBOI 14… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TY4FNBT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


3 purchased. You should get a commission :smile:

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Someone else pointed me to them in the first place, just passing along handy info :slight_smile:

…we just took them on rides :joy:


Really?! Like in your lap? I know they would love that–and to see someone else doing that.

We had the backpacks and we also booked for near end of day.

There are very few rides at WDW that you can’t bring a bag on

Droids like rides too! R2 screams real well on ToT

(I love it when he screams!)

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Does he really scream? Or are you joking (in which case, you got me, but that sounds like so much fun)?

R2 really screams. That clip is from one of the SW films

The droid you build, not quite - but they do make noise

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If the one the girls built screamed, that would be the best–my girls would lose their minds. But cool anyway that they do make noise!!

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Thinking of building 2 for my two grown son’s. They love Star Wars. What are the extra’s and there costs. How long do they take to bulid?

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If you wanted to build two custom ones, you will need to book two sessions at the Droid Depot. I think the whole process took us about 15 minutes. Longest part was just in deciding what the Droid would look like and finding the correct parts. The actual assembly is fairly quick.

You also just buy premade ones if you aren’t picky about how they look.

There are personality chips you can buy, which just changes the style of the sounds they make. We bought one, but probably wasn’t worth it.

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I am having my wife build one as well so I reserved for two people. She informs me she would rather not build one so I might have to build both with her beside me. Is there a limit to the time you can take to build them?

There are stations. First you go and pick up your bin and select the Droid parts you need from a conveyor belt. After you have your parts, a CM will have you come to a station to actually assemble it. They will help if you need it. Then, they activate it. There is no explicit time limit, but it really shouldn’t take terribly long. If you pick out the Droid parts for your wife, she could still assemble it with a CM’s help if needed.

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Not what you meant, but wanted to show what I did with my Droid after I got home - I cosplay as “Jedi Snow White”, so my droid was one of my dwarves (with the addition of a hat and beard)…