Droid Depot Question

Hello Friends!

I’m not sure if anyone knows this answer yet but I figured I would ask anyway! I made a reservation to build a droid on Sept. 2nd and my MDE account says “Arrive at 4:00 pm” (which is the time I made the reservation for) but when I look at the specifics on my confirmation it says “Check in 60 minutes prior at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Droid Depot location entrance”. So now I’m confused - Do I check in at 3 pm or at 4 pm?

Thanks in advance!

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following this. Same situation here.

I’m only guessing off the info you provided. It looks like you go and “check-in” at 3pm and come back to participate at 4pm.

I assume it’s so they know if they have any cancellations in advance and can accommodate walk-ups. They really want the space filled to capacity each and every “show”.

So once you’ve checked in, you don’t have to stay there? So I could layer my checkin, a snack at the Cantina, and then the actual droid build?

I don’t know, but…

If they are backed up at all at the Cantina (not unlikely), this probably wouldn’t work.

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Remember… I’m only guessing.

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I noticed that too, but on the main info page for both Savi’s and Droid Depot, it says:

Checking In
Guests should check in no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their reservation time at the check-in location in front of Droid Depot. Each person in your party must be present upon check-in and admission to Droid Depot.

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Will they ship your Droids back to your resort room? The same as other merch you buy in the parks ??