Droid Depot Question on 2 droids

I am taking my 4yo DD to this experience to build a droid. She is listed as the participating guest and of course I am her escort. Does DIsney allow for both individuals to buy/build a droid or just one per reservation? I wouldn’t think they would turn down money but it could also mess up their reservation system I imagine. Just wondered if anyone had done this. My DD wants us both have to one (and I am cool with that :wink:)

Just the participating guest can build as far as I know.

I would try to get another reservation and cancel the one you have. If you are not able to get a new reservation I would ask when you check in. They take walk ups depending upon CL and reservations I would think there is a good chance they will accommodate the request. They were taking walk ups on day two. There was a line but it was not that big.

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I have a reservation for one in May, but wanted my family of four to go in together and build one. I am just now seeing that it says they will only allow one person to build and one person with them. Has anyone had experience trying to do this as a family? if we can’t do it together, we will have to cancel and everyone will be disappointed :frowning:

The policy allows only one non-building guest in the build area but there is a viewing area very close to the conveyer belt selection area and build area so your whole family could be very much part of the experience

thank you so much, I have not been able to get any information from anybody and this makes me feel much better about the whole thing :slight_smile:

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Yes, they can be inside the store and watch nearby, but not participate. The building space is very narrow. If you have two adults and two kids who both want to participate, what I would do is have one adult there and let one of the kids pick the parts and then switch for the building part. I don’t think anyone would mind this.