Droid Depot, does name on reservation matter?

So I decided to make a Droid Depot reservation this morning with our ADR’s. DS7 is unsure if he wants to spend his special item on this, but figured I would put this opn our last HS day and see what he thinks as we approach this day. My question is it says the reservation plus one. I made it this morning and just put it under my name and planned to take him. Will this work, will he be able to build it if is under my name? I assumed there would be no issue, but DW stated she read it had to be under the name of who is building…

Will I have any issue here?

I’m quite certain your child can build if it’s under your name because 1) both you and the “+1” can participate in the process, 2) children don’t usually have ID’s any way, so it makes sense to reserve it under a parent’s name