Droid and lightsaber building reservation times

Hello Helpful Liners,

Our next trip is May 1-5 2020.
I am 10 days from my ADR date and was feeling relaxed, when I realized that I should book the lightsaber and droid building for DH and DS. (I can’t believe I almost forgot, I would have felt so bad). I also wanted to make them a reservation at Oga’s so they can go in, have something to drink and check it out.

I was thinking I would book these for midday, so they could try to ride SR and ROTR in the morning. Are the droid and lightsaber building areas close to each other? Should I book them pretty closely to together, or will they need some time to get from place to place? Also, how long should I give them for Oga’s… is 45 - 60 minutes enough?

Thank you in advance!

They are currently limiting each party to a 2 drink maximum and 45 minutes in Oga’s, so I’d say your time allotment would be spot on! :slight_smile:

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This can’t be true - I’m going in May too (albeit at the end) and I haven’t even started thinking about ADRs!

They are literally right next to each other. The big question mark is how long you will wait beforehand, which has varied so far and will probably keep changing. If I were you I’d do the droid first, which has more predictably been quick (maybe 30 min but give yourself at least 45 min just in case). Then do the lightsaber afterward.

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I don’t know the location proximity, but definitely do them mid day. We go in 3 weeks and, originally, we planned a GE day and a HS day. I made my Savi reservation for 9:25am and my droid at 11:05am. Our plan changed after the fact, so we are only doing 1 day for ALL HS. Since SR is a must (ROTR won’t be open) AND the park is scheduled to open at 9am that day, I can’t really rope drop SR due to the 9:25 time (unless they open early). This means the earliest I can get in line for SR is around 11:30am. I wish I planned it better, but I was caught off guard (and on vacation) when the registration window came out, so I had to just book and hope for the best.

Oga’s has a 45 min time limit when you get into the bar, but whether or not you get in at your reservation time is a totally different issue. We had a large group, and had reservations for 2 parties of 8, one at 4:55pm and the other at 5:00pm. One group got in by about 5:10, but the other wasn’t seated until about 5:45. This definitely caused issues with our SDD which expired at 6:30, and the Savi’s which was scheduled for 6:20. The plan when I made the ADRs and FPP was

5-5:30 Ogas
6pm SDD
6:20pm Savi’s

Should’ve worked, but Oga’s threw a wrench in it. The droid place has some leniency with late arrivals, but Savi’s is pretty hard about it. We had to run back and forth a bit to make it all work. Luckily TSM and SWGE are very close to each other.

So, either plan Oga’s after the droid and Savi’s, or plan plenty of time in between.

Also, we loved having the droid and lightsaber experiences in the evening, and not having to carry the items around with us all day long.

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Smart, I will try to plan for these activities late in the day.

Thank you for the information and suggestions! I really appreciate the feedback I get here :slight_smile:

Or right before a midday break works too.

You can also send them straight to the front of the park, so long as you will be in the park again for 3 hours, or straight back to your hotel if you are inside the bubble…

We are planning a late May trip. What type of scheduling would be suggested for tackling SR, ROTO, Olga’s, Droids, and Lightsabers? How much time should I aim for in between scheduling?
Such as, if I aim for afternoon…Droids with an hour to follow before setting the next time for Lightsabers? And allow even more time in the wait for Olga’s?
Sorry, I’m not the SW fan in our family, so I haven’t memorized all the names.
Just looking for an example of a good plan based on looking at reservations times. I know some overlap is allowable with FP+ and ADR’s if scheduling multiple groups.

I would plan an hour for each. If you get done with one item early, you will have time to browse or head to your next reservation early. The only exception right now would be RotR, which probably won’t have FPP, will likely have a monstrous line, and is rumored to be 20+ minutes long. So either rope drop or do it last and plan a solid 3 hours. Once it opens in December we’ll have a better idea.

“Oga’s” Cantina
Droid Depot
Savi’s Workshop (lightsaber)
Rise of the Resistance



Regarding shipping to a hotel, how/where is this done? At the building places?

Merchandise you buy in the parks can be sent to your Disney resort. You have to be staying at least 2 more night since delivery is sometime the next day. It is arranged from where your bought the items, except Starbucks locations – you have to go to a regular store to fill out the paperwork. I’ve not (yet) done the SWGE procedure, but it would either be in Savi’s/Droid Depot or at another park store.

Hmm ok, I’m leaving next day actually so best to just carry them.

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We are going a few weeks after you and are wondering the same thing. As much as we would like to RD on the SW:GE rides, I worry that we would have to bail if we ended up in the “wrong” (middle/end) part of one of the lines and wouldn’t be able to make our Sa’vi reservation - also banking on there being no back-up with the groups if we go to Sa’vi early… So we are thinking of doing that first and then jumping in the lines for the rides (with the Oga’s reservation in the evening for us)… of course, once ROTR opens, we may end up completely throwing this all over…