Driving to WDW - Construction/Traffic tips?

We will be driving to WDW from NC in April. I saw on our route there looks like a lot of construction on I-4. Is this still the best way to come in or does anyone have recommendations for how to bypass the construction? Directions have us taking 95 S to I-4. Any locals or frequent travelers know when the project will be completed?

I’ve done this exact drive 3 times since June. I use a variety of apps for GPS and no matter what, even with construction, there is no better/quicker way from 95 to Disney that I have found yet. I would be curious to know if there are any alternates.

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@larrielaine how is signage? We will be arriving late (10 pm) and wondering if it is super confusing or easy to follow. Will be using navigation and have the Iphone maps as backup.

The only confusing part is the constant switching from old road to new road. There are a lot of twists and curves as they work on different sections of the road. As always, leave extra room between vehicles, make sure your headlamps are in good working order, and pack your patience.

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The signage is very good. Lots of good “in this many miles X” well before your exit.

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I would have to agree I-95 to I-4 would be the best way to go. I can’t help with construction issues; I’m currently coming from Pensacola, so for me it the I-10 the 75, to the FL Turnpike, to whichever exit it is that says to WDW. What I can tell you is that the I-4 can be very slow during “normal” rush hour times, and if there’s an accident it can turn into a parking lot.