Driving to parks versus taking the bus

Will be staying at CBR December 10-15, 2017. I have heard with all the construction, buses are very slow coming and going. We will be park hopping and taking breaks throughout the days. Would it be faster to take our own vehicle to the parks?

I don’t know about CBR but I will say when DH and I were at Pop last year we drove our own car to the parks and it did seem faster, especially at the end of the day when we didn’t have to wait in the long lines after park close.

It’s basically always faster to drive, except to MK because you have to park at the TTC and get the ferry or monorail.

We drive to the parks instead of waiting for the buses. DW got motion sickness/sun poisoning in July when we were there and got sick on the bus. Needless to say, we drove to the parks for the rest of the trip.

I would drive. I even think driving to MK is fun. You get to the Monorail or Ferry and in this particular instance - getting there IS half the fun!!

Overall I think that the WDW transportation is OK at best. They tought it as this awesome convenience - but in reality it is only OK. Yes - you don’t have to get a car - but I hate a LONG wait for a bus

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I personally not mind the buses most of the time. But a car would be more comfortable most of the time. I bet you break even on time in most cases, once in board.

I think the only drawback to driving to the parks is you have to pay to park, right?

You don’t pay to park if you are staying onsite, or if you have an AP.

What she said. Drive everywhere except MK; the busses take you right there in the morning and right back at night. That’s our preference. Epcot especially parking is great.

Thanks for the excellent information! One more question. Do they scan your magic band to know you are staying onsite or how do you show proof your staying at an onsite resort?

I didn’t drive to the parks but they scanned our band when we drove into POFQ so I assume they do the same at the parks.

They scan your band to confirm you’re staying; just drive up to the window, hold out your band, they scan it, and you’re on your way. Very easy.

Tomorrow! YAY! We just stayed at CBC last week. We were in Jamaica and did not have a problem with getting on buses. They often had a second bus that stopped just in Jamaica and Aruba, so we didn’t have to get on a full bus. Buses were every 20 minutes or sooner. However, coming home from the parks, the drive through the whole resort was long when you have to stop at every stop. By the end, we were driving our car to every park except Magic Kingdom, because that can be a mess with transferring at T&T.
That being said, we also usually walk from our car to the entrance of the park, because by the time we would wait for a tram, we usually ended up on the second round of trams, so there could potentially be a lot of waiting for trams in the parking lot if you don’t want to walk. Usually we didn’t walk much farther than we would have from the bus stop. Hope that helps!

My fam and I are big fans of the buses. That said, recently we’ve only stayed @Dolphin, so the bus stop was easy peasy & shared buses with Boardwalk, so only 2 bus stops total.

My grands were actually disappointed last trip that 1st 1/2 of trip was offsite & we had no bus haha!

The only 1 time we had a glitch was after MK night, when the buses were slow arriving & it was a mess with crowds etc. In future, I’m planning to set up adr for Wave & take auto (if we have 1 that trip) or Uber/Lyft from Contemporary. It’s a short walk from MK to Contemporary, and a great way to leave the melee behind!