Driving to HS or Relying on Disney Transport?

The day of our split stay (AOA to WL) is our one and only HS day. I would love to get there early enough to try to get a boarding group but am hesitant relying on Disney transportation. The park opens at 8 that day and skyliner begins running at 7:30.

My kids are in booster seats so Lyft/Uber are not an option unless they come with two. My husband has already said no to the foldable booster seats.

Would you rely on Disney Transport?

Or since you already need to move the car from AOA to WL, drive to HS?

If we do drive…what is parking like? How early do I really need to get there by? We have always relied on Disney Transport for our trips so this is uncharted territory for me.

Parking at HS is pretty easy, unlike MK. We always drive, and have had no issues. I’d say give yourself a 10 minute walk cushion from the time you actually park, plus another 5 to actually park, etc. Maybe 30 minutes before RD to allow time for security. If you want to brave trying for ROTR, then perhaps a little earlier.

Have you considered Minnie Van?

What’s the objection to folding boosters? They are a PITA for daily use, but great for travel.

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Additional funds…

Good option. Forgot about that! Can you book in advance?

I don’t think so, I just you just have to order one when you want it. When we were there we used them to get to PPO dining reservations - we usually ordered them around 7 and they arrived within 15 minutes.

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Just drive if you already have to move the car. Otherwise you have to go all the way back to your original hotel.

Agreed, I would drive since you are moving any way