Driving to DHS

What’s the latest guidance for driving to DHS? We need our car with us our first day. How early should we arrive?

Also wondering, if we arrive after 10 am will the line to get in go down at some point? Or is it a crush most of the morning?

The line goes down pretty quick because they usually start letting people into the park 9:15-ish for a 10am open. We walked the first day because we wanted to RD so someone else will have to describe driving for RD. Our second day we aimed for shortly after 10 (we had BG12) and it was walk-in with little or no lines… until we got the rides that is! The crush is really for folks trying for early entry/RD. If that’s not your thing it’s pretty easy.


We were there a month ago. Drove to HS. Pulled into the line at the parking plaza at 9:15 and they were already letting people through. We were a ways back (got in line off Victory Way) and were through in about 10 minutes.

ETA: I wouldn’t expect there to be much of a line if any at 10am.