Driving time by car to parks from AK lodge

Can anyone help me with info about how long transportation will take if staying at AK lodge. We will have a car and want to visit all the parks and Disney springs. Just trying to gauge time to allow for some possible RD days, ADR ,shows etc. thank u for your help

According to: http://www.ourlaughingplace.com/aspx/twiz.aspx

AK 6 min
HS 14
EP 18
MK 19
DS 17

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I was going to keep it simple by saying 15-20 min… keep in mind for MK you drive to the TTC and have to add another15-20 for the mono or ferry. The bus will drop you off just outside the park.

I found that the bus trips are about the same length as listed here. The only difference is that a couple of times my trip to MK has been 18-19 minutes, other times 24-25 minutes. Although the bus ride I think would still be quicker than driving to MK and it is much quicker than the bus from Poly to HS!

Thank you for posting this link. I’m not sure why but I didn’t think it existed anymore. Will really come in handy for my upcoming trip!

Be careful- it has not been updated ! I checked last week and found water park and DS information was outdated and they still had the RP Driving Experience listed?

Ok, thank you. I only looked quick as I have plenty of time to plan that part of my trip.
Usually on my first night I head down to the front desk with my itinerary and go through day by day the best way to get to each destination and what time I should be ready to go. It’s always nice to be able to chat with the cast members when they aren’t too busy.

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