Driving into other Resorts

I’m renting a car and staying at Pop Century, sister and family at Allstar Music She’s handicapped so will want to pick her up from hotel various times. Wondering about guard at Allstar gate since I’m not registered there. Will my parking pass from Pop give me access without hassle? She can get an Allstar pass to give me, but wondering if its even necessary.

You can just tell them you are picking up a guest and if they ask, give them her name. Shouldn’t be any hassle.

Thanks! Appreciate info!

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You’re welcome. Have a great time!!

No issue. Do that all the time. No excuse really needed. Anything from ‘exploring, shopping, dining’, etc works. They will scan your band which will confirm you’re on-site (unsure if a band is important…guessing not)

They just require either a photo ID or band… either way, I wasn’t questioned about going to other resorts. We toured several last week for the decorations. Others have said they’d provide a 3-hour parking pass if you wanted to stay, but last week they weren’t doing that… just directed us to the self-park section.