Driving in FL on Memorial Day - Local Liner help please!

We’ll be driving from PCB to Orlando on Memorial Day (5/25). We’re trying to estimate what time we’ll arrive. Drive time looks to be about 5 1/5 - 6 hours, there is the 1 hour time change, but I’m wondering about extra traffic due to the holiday, like locals driving home from a holiday weekend trips? Anyone have any thoughts or experience on what to expect? Coming from PCB up to I-10 then down I-75 to the turnpike into Orlando area. Or any alternate route suggestions?


PCB - Pensacola Beach? I live in Pensacola! The “actual” driving time for me, without stops, is around 6 hours. Factoring in the time zone difference, 2 gas stops and a lunch break, I typically pull into my resort parking lot about 8 hours (by the clock) after I leave. I’ve “pushed it” (and have a ticket to show for it) and skipped the lunch stop and have made it in slightly over 7, but never less than that. The I-10 through the panhandle, especially on a holiday weekend, can be one massive speed trap; keep it under 80 and you’ll probably be OK, but I wouldn’t recommend pushing it much past that. If you’re going to have traffic issues, it’s more likely to be after you turn south on the 75 than on the 10. I’ve never been caught in one, but I’ve seen some pretty bad back-ups on the 75. But there are no real alternatives without either going way out of the way or taking small roads through many small towns.

If PCB is Panama City Beach, then I’m guessing that you could shave about 2 hours off of my times; takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours to get from Pensacola Beach to Panama City…

You rock @bswan26, thank you. I did mean Panama City Beach, sorry for the confusion. So your 8 hours would be about 6 for us, and we may have packed food to eat rather than stop so that will help. Hopefully just 2 quick gas/potty stops as you said.

My main concern is what you said – the traffic on I-75. If there are hoards of people going one direction or the other based on the holiday. I was thinking if people were flocking OUT of Tampa area (or south) heading north to go home from the weekend maybe we’ll be going the “wrong way” and will be avoiding that? I know how busy the major interstates get on holiday weekends here in the Midwest and was curious on the traffic flow in FL.

Thanks for the help!

It’s a MOnday so typical work day traffic will be happening as well as increased holiday traffic. Stay off I-4 between 3 and 7 pm.

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