Drive or use bus from Bay lake towers

We are staying at Baylake Towers. My mom is going who just turned 75 and I was wanting to know should we drive to AK and DHS or just take the bus.

The bus was very easy/convenient from Bay Lake. They have monitors at the bus stop that let you know how long it will be til the next bus arrives.
But, parking is nice and close at Bay Lake so it’s pretty convenient to get in your own car too.
Does mom have any mobility issues that would make taking your own car easier?

No my mom actually still works full time but I just know walking that much every day is going to be tough (for me too). I didn’t know if the wait for the bus would be too long. We do plan on coming back for breaks before supper that night.

We’re big fans of the bus system in general. They are very reliable.
I usually hear from folks that driving yourself will be faster commute time. But, when you use the buses, they drop you off closer to the park entrances. Often when you drive, you’ll need to take a tram from the parking lot to get closer to the park gates.
There are trade offs no matter which you choose. And there will be a ton of walking.
My fitbit told me that I averaged nearly 30,000 steps each day. In my everyday life, I’m closer to 10,000.

Ok. The bus it is!! Thank you. One more question. How many stops along the way to AK and DHS? We want to get there before the gates open.

Buses will go direct from your resort to their respective park.

As a counter opinion though we much prefer driving. We find it to be a lot more convenient. On the buses you never know how long you’ll be waiting for one, or how many you’ll have to wait through because so many people are waiting. We had to wait at the bus stop for 45 minutes once going back from the park and we were exhausted. Plus there is no guarantee of getting a seat on the bus. They are often filled with cranky, sweaty, people and when I’m exhausted I want a seat and the ability to blast the A/C in my face. It takes us less time to get back to the room as well.

That was kind of where my thoughts were going too. Thanks for your input!

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