Drinking around the world

Ok all - I have very firm ideas about how to accomplish most of this task - got canada, Norway, France, USA, Germany, Mexico and morocco covered, but where do you get an alcoholic drink in china and Japan without TS? (And I am probably missing something so, please help with any contributions , alcohol based only, that you love!). My liver thanks you in advance.

Limoncello in Italy, Plum Wine in Japan

Where do you get the plum wine? I found kabuki cafe and a drinks cart in japan. How about china?

The Lotus Blossom Cafe in China has Plum Wine and TsingTao beer. For Japan the most fun thing would be to go into the sake shop and bar inside the department store. Let me find a blog article I once read about it. It sounds really cool.

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There is the Cante-loopy at the Joy of Tea in China.

There is also some sort of whiskey, coffee, and tea beverage for sale in China. Believe me, it's not something you would find in the PRC.

If you like iced coffee you can get Tipsy Ducks in Love in China.


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Tutto Gusto, the Italy pavilion wine bar, as a walk-up/standing bar where one may order any of the wines and a large number of mixed drinks. Though there are some cultural misunderstandings in the mixology, it's not harrowing. Birra Italia, also too.

Apparently it's a Hong Kong thing. When Anthony Bourdain was there on his "Layover" Travel Channel program, he had something like it, less the whipped cream, and pronounced it " hatched_chicking revolting." So there's that.

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Yes but you can't really rely on his opinions he's such a food snob.

Katsura in Japan has sake, and I believe beer as well. The Mango Gingerita at the World of Tea in China was excellent; hughly recommended.

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I'm in full agreement with @Bswan: Mango Gingerita is an absolute must for DW & I every trip to Epcot.