Drink stations at Pop

Hi there!
It’s our first time staying at Pop Century. Last year we stayed at CBR and there was a drink station close to our room that we could use to refill our water bottles and cups. Just wondering if Pop has the same drink stations near the rooms? The water was great and we really didn’t need the bottled water that I ordered from GG.

Thanks so much!

Pop has one set of drink stations at the food court. It is located at Classic Hall near the 50’s 60’s and 70’s buildings


They also have one next to the pool bar, very handy for filling up and avoiding the food court.


Good to know!

I did not know this! Next time!

Is it available only when the bar is open?

It was to the side of the little building so I would assume it’s open all the time. It wasn’t there when we stayed in June.

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