Dress code for brunch at California Grill?

I know there’s a dress code for dinner but what about brunch? Anyone had experience with being turned away at brunch cuz of a tank top? :frowning:

You’ll be fine whatever you wear.

I wore a sundress and DH wore a polo with shorts. There were people dressed up more, and people definitely outside of the stated dress code. Park wear is totally fine.

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I haven’t been to the brunch yet, but knowing CG, I’d feel underdressed in less than a polo and khakis or “dress” shorts.

Definitely different in daytime.

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As long as whatever you wear is respectful of yourself and fellow diners, it’s fine.
You may want to bring along a wrap or cardigan in case you feel a little chill in just a tank top.
Shorts & t-shirts are ok too. For example, I saw a large group that all had the homemade matching shirts. Totally fine.

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We dressed up, but really because we wanted to. We saw a large variety of outfits including shorts and t-shirts.

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We wound up going in “neat” t-shirts and shorts and no one batted an eye. Thanks to everyone for their helpful input! The brunch was our best meal this trip!


Glad you enjoyed it. I would absolutely do it again.

Yay! I’m always so happy to hear that someone else loved it maybe as much as I do!

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