Dreaming about FPP selections

I’ve been spending so much time analyzing my TP options that their showing up in my dreams!

My big day FPP selection day is quickly approaching and I need some advice! Please feel free to input/guide/re-direct/share experiences/etc…

Quick plan summary, then onto specific questions: Wed, Jan 28 - arrive at POR,
Thur - MK (crowd level 4 with EMH),
Fri - HS (crowd level 4)
Sat - Epcot (crowd level 3)

First: do I have to complete my hotel online checkin before making FPP reservations?

MK plan - leave Port Orleans resort at 7am and drive our own rental car to MK to be sure to make RD at 8am. Get FPP for SM (8a), Peter Pan (9a), 7DMT (10a), BOG lunch (11:30a). Then get FPP throughout the day for Thunder Mtn, Jungle cruise, Pirates of Carribean, and another SM.

HS plan - leave POR resort at 8am to make RD at 8:45am. Go straight to Jedi training sign up for 2:20 show, then standy line for Rock-n-Rollin coaster. Get FPP for Tower of terror (9a), TSMM (10:30a), Frozen sing along (11:30a).

Epcot plan - leave POR resort at 8a to make RD at 8:45am. Go straight to stand by line for Test track. Get FPP for Mission: SPACE (9a), Spaceship Earth (10a), Soarin (12:30p).

Thoughts??? Please don’t be shy

This is our first trip to WDW, so we have no idea what to expect and are a family of 5 with DD11, DS8, and DD8.

Thank you in advance awesome Liners community :smiley:

Nope… you don’t have to do that at all if you don’t want to, it just speeds up the process once you arrive on site.

Sounds like a pretty solid plan. You technically won’t really need a FP for 9am, however, it will help quickly use your first 3 so that you can take advantage of more through the day. It you plan to do EtwB it might be worth just using standby for SM at 8am and using a FP for Enchanted tales as those can be harder to get day of.

HS and Epcot seem good to.

One thing to note is that MK and HS typically open before their stated times (15-30 mins) so you may want to plan to be there a little early. For an 8am opening at MK when you park at TTC be sure to get on the monorail listed as the Resort loop as it will start running at 7am but the express route won’t up until 8.

For your first trip it sounds like you’ve done your research!

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[quote=“Outer1, post:2, topic:7834”]
For an 8am opening at MK when you park at TTC be sure to get on the monorail listed as the Resort loop as it will start running at 7am
[/quote] GREAT idea!!! I’ve been trying to figure out a way for the kids to ride the monorail and you just gave me one! We live out in the country and don’t have much “city” experience. (My kids get all giddy just ridding on an escalator - I can only imagine how excited they’ll be to ride on the monorail!)

One of their favorite Disneyland memories from several years ago was riding from the airport to the resort on a bus with a BATHROOM!!! They couldn’t believe buses could have a bathroom on them and they still talk about that memory. Even though we’re renting a car at MCO, I’m planning to send kids with dad on the Magic Express so they can have another bus ride experience, while I drive rental to resort and meet up with them there.


Rather than guessing what FPP reservations would be useful, try making a Personalized Touring Plan and then Optimizing it. The Optimizer will let you know which attractions will benefit the most from an FPP. Some tips for doing this are at Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

Just in case you weren’t aware when you drive to the Magic Kingdom you actually park at the ticket and transportation center, which is across a lake from the actual park. You have to either ride the monorail or a ferry to get there. The same when you leave. if you take the resort monorail you’ll also get to see some of the deluxe resorts. If you have time touring some of those can be a lot of fun because of the awesome themeing at them.

The kids can collect transportation cards as well. I don’t have a lot of details about them though, but i’m sure someone can offer more detail.

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Your wish is my command http://temporarytourist.com/walt-disney-world-transportation-cards/


Can I say I think you are completely wasting FPs? You could do PP and Space before 9:00 doing SB and save those FPs for Thunder and Splash later.

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Agreed. Start FPP’s 1.5-2hrs after opening or as soon as an attraction on the TP exceeds 20min-ish.

Also, consider single rider at Rockin if standby is more than- say- 20min.

Better to arrive at the parks 45min before opening and have a good pick for your first stop (a super headliner with typically long waits all day).

May be nit-picking, but I’d make the super headliners my first FPPs (shorter waits). FPP waits are something like 20% standby. So, the waits for an FPP at Toy at- say-10am would be shorter than the FPP at noon.


@Sam2071 and @PrincipalTinker, thank you so much for your input. I’ve spent time rearranging attractions and adjusting my dream FPP selections. If I get the morning FPPs that I want, I’m hoping to be able to pick up some afternoon FPP in MK once I use up the morning FPP.

My new plan involves standby line for SpaceM at RD, then morning FPP in MK for 7DMT, Peter Pan and Tales with Belle.

Awesome! Think of those first couole attractions at RD like FPPs. At least, the effect will be the same: walk-on. And, remember that you can get that 4th as soon as you exit your 3rd: no need to wait the full hour. Please do let us know how you do! Seems like you’re off to a great start w a good plan!

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It is easier to get extra desirable FPs in MK but I have found I can get one for HM in an hour or wait 5 or 6 hours for Big Thunder. Sometimes when the HM wait time is only 15-20 minutes posted you have to decide what your priority is and how tired you will be hours later.

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Hit my first big bump tonight while trying to make my FPP… I was able to complete my online check in for our resort (POR), but can’t make any FPP!!! I keep getting a message that I need valid park park admission, but in my MDE, it clearly shows that I have purchased 3-day base tickets for everyone in my family…

Looks like I’m going to give up for a few hours and call WDW as soon as they open… I’m so bummed… Oh well, I’ll keep everyone updated.

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Hope you get it sorted!

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WDW IT might be your best bet for FPP-related issues. Cal; them at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357.

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Thank you @brklinck for the IT phone numbers. I woke up at 3am (pacific time) and tried again to get FPP (thought I’d give it another try instead of waiting for another hour before being able to call WDW). For whatever odd reason - my tickets were all linked and I was able to make my FPP!!!

Here’s what I got:
MK, Thursday, Jan 29: PP 9:25, EtwB 10:40, 7DMT 11:50. Then I’m planning to make afternoon FPP as available for other attractions. ADR for Crystal Palace at 6:30

DHS, Friday, Jan 30: Tower of Terror 9:20, Frozen sing along 11:30 show, TSMM 1:50. ADR Mama Melrose Fantasmic lunch 12:20

Epcot, Saturday, Jan 31: Mission: SPACE 9, Spaceship Earth 10:10, Soarin’ noon. ADR Biergarten 5:30pm