Dream to Boardwalk, how long will we be w/o luggage?

We are doing a cruise on the dream and then heading to the Boardwalk villas for a stay. Am I correct in assuming that when we put our luggage in the hallway on the last night we won’t be seeing it again for a very long time? I’m just picturing us waking up and having a lot of stuff (clothes, make-up, toiletries, plus what we need in our park bag for a half day at Epcot) that we will have to carry all day. Do you have to leave your bags in the hall or can you walk off the boat with them and go through customs on your own? If we do have to leave our luggage out I guess we could separate our stuff into a waist pack for the park and a backpack to leave at the luggage counter at Boardwalk. I’m just trying to figure out the smoothest way to get from one place to another and get right over to Epcot. Thank you!

Well, can’t you check in at Boardwalk and leave the rest of your stuff in a carry-on with guest services until your room is ready and the rest of your stuff arrives?

You don’t need to put your bag out the night before, you can keep it and walk it off the ship.

However, in my experience (which does NOT include transferring to a WDW hotel, so this may totally not apply to your situation) if you do put your bag out the night before you still pick it up in the cruise terminal to bring it through customs & immigration. If that’s the case for you, that gives you a chance to stash some things into your larger luggage. At that point, I think you load your luggage on the bus to the WDW resort and they will take care of it from there. Again, could be totally wrong and I don’t have personal experience with this or researching this.

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I guess I wasn’t sure if it got automatically transferred to the hotel, but now that you remind me that we bring our own luggage through customs, so I think my question is answered. Thanks. Being able to put our stuff into the luggage will be ideal. thanks so much!

For our Cruises - I remember having to grab our bags for customs - been a few years though. Not 100% sure how it works now - but pack a day back to keep with you and Disney should take care of the rest. You certainly won’t be going around the parks with it. You can either personally leave with bellhop or Disney will do it for you.


We have always had to take our luggage with us when we have transfers from ship to resort.

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Great! Good to know! Thanks.

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