Dream Questions

Did my check-in at midnight & got my port arrival time (11am), but have some questions from those who have been on the 4-night cruise on the Dream please.

  1. Have you taken DCL transportation to Port Canaveral? If so, did you arrive before or at your port arrival time or much later? Anyone know if DCL is still running transportation directly from MCO, and if so, what time does that start? Would you recommend using another shuttle service to arrive closer to your port arrival time or just take an Uber/Lyft?

  2. Do they still send you luggage tags to your home prior to the cruise?

  3. How long does the rapid test take? Do you board after you’ve been cleared or is there a set boarding time?

  4. Are masks required on the outside decks (such as the adult area) or just indoors? Where else are masks required?

  5. At Castaway, are you assigned a specific boat departure time to go on the island or can you go when they open the gates? If assigned, should I put in a request for as early as possible prior to the cruise or when I get on the ship?

  6. Is there breakfast offered on disembarkation day? Is it a sit down breakfast or just Cabana’s?

  7. When is the latest you can depart the ship on disembarkation day? Do you have to go through another Covid test or do you just go to customs, retrieve your luggage & head for DCL transportation to a WDW resort?

  8. Speaking of DCL to a WDW resort, are you assigned a specific time for the busses ahead of time? Where are these buses located?

  9. I had indicated on the original reservation that I would like to dine alone. Should I confirm that with guest services when I board the ship, go to the open sit down restaurant for them to look that up or wait until the first dinner?

  10. When do the rooms become available?

  11. If you are in one of the District lounges, do you need to wear a mask?

Thank you & sorry for all the questions

When we did our cruise, it was in 2019, so I can’t answer any of the Covid/mask questions. However, if #6 is still like it was pre-covid, you have breakfast on debarkation day at the last restaurant you were assigned the previous night.