Dream for me! What would you book for 12 nights?

Help me with your imagined fantasy easy split stay for 12 nights.

So…we had a bit of post-Covid mania and rashly (but excitedly) booked August 23-September 4, me, DH, DS 11 and DS13. We have 9 days of park hoppers, planning fairly light touring (early morning with plan, late evening relaxing), lots of resort/pool time, water parks(s? - come on Blizzard Beach I’m counting on you!), and probably one day at the Kennedy Space Center and maybe an excursion to the Orlando Science Center.
Where would you stay???

Currently we have:
AKL-Kidani Savannah view x first 6 nights (Disney+ discount)
YC Garden view x 4 nights (Disney+ discount)
YC Standard view 2 nights (Labor day weekend so ridiculously CRAZY expensive at Rack Rate but my husband said he really did NOT want to change hotels more than once).


  1. Instead of the YC stay, we could:
    • Do BC standard view 6 nights (ie no room change after 4 nights) but rack rate so $
    • Do POFQ Garden View for 6 nights and save about $175 per night (hard after Kidani)
  2. Instead of the YC room change the last 2 nights, we could go anywhere else:
    • POFQ save $270/night
    • Swan and save $150/night
    • I would just have to convince DH to put up with a 2nd resort change.
  3. OR… whatever other crazy plan you think we should do!

(Other notes: I prefer Kidani to Jambo because of the pool. I had hoped to end with Kidani but couldn’t get studio at a reasonable deal so we have to start with it. My husband doesn’t love Disney but does love backing onto Epcot.)

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Oh wow, you pretty much defined “revenge trip” for me here. Take that, covid!

You have excellent choices, but if this were my revenge trip, I’d probably alternate park days and resort days at AKL, park, Wilderness lodge, park, AKL, park, Caribbean beach, park, Wilderness lodge, park, AKL… wait…, how many days again, can I keep going?

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I know, right? That’s the only thing I’m still kinda checking every day. Losing hope for my June trip (June 2022, that is. Fingers crossed for 2023!)

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On my bucket list.

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Always important to go in the correct direction with regard to accommodation type/experience - as you allude to.

Given you’re starting at AKL Kidani Savanna you’re hard pressed to top that.

But of the options you give here, the only one is BC (stormalong, ease of access to two parks). You do have that with YC but I don’t like the idea of a split with that much change, especially for 2nts and this would avoid that.

If you don’t mind, then I would leave it alone because $ saved on accommodation is $ you have for fun on the ground


LOL you really want them to move around a lot!

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Oh, yes, Epcot area for sure, some way. I kinda get lost amongst the different room rates choices. :relaxed: Definitely Epcot.

My first thought, when reading about 9 days dream stay, was renting a high end RV to stay at preferred campsite at Fort Wilderness. :heart_eyes::+1::sunglasses:

But that’s just me. :blush:


Another vote for POFQ-

Has been on my bucket list since 1994!

We stopped in for Mickey Beignets the other night and there is something totally magical that resort for me.
The way they light it up at night is gorgeous.


We’re doing something similar in August! Haven’t been to Disney since 2019. We’re doing 4 nights at Universal (Portofino Bay) and then 8 at YC. We’re doing 2 days in each park, with lots of pool time in the afternoon. I love staying in the EP area because it allows you to pop over and do dinners in Epcot or on the Boardwalk. I like a longer trip because you can do it at a more relaxed pace and circle back to the things you love the most.

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I’m so happy you’re still here! <3 Have always enjoyed your insight and pragmatism. I haven’t been on much since 2017.

Agree… If I could get the right rates/accommodations I would have loved to do 2 nights POFQ then 5 nights each Kidani and Yacht Club. But I think you’re right… I already picked up an extra shift next Wednesday to help pay for it all. :wink:


I was happy to see you posting too!

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What about five (YC or Kidani), five (YC or Kidani) and then two (POFQ)? Would save us about $600 total. Too much chaos? Save POFQ for a future trip? If I had discretion I’d just drop YC or Kidani and do 6 nights POFQ and then 6 nights at one deluxe. But I already showed the kids the videos of YC and Kidani lol.

I wouldn’t want to switch twice.

But others wouldn’t mind.

Personal preference. Have you done a split before?

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Yes, we did 5 and 5 in 2015 and it was fine (from AoA to YC so it was amazing actually). But I agree… AND… HOTWIRE FOR THE WIN! I just got YC standard room on Hotwire for over $100 less per night than Disney rack rate. :slight_smile:

So, Kidani/YC it is. WOOT!


I would do AKL for the whole trip.