DP Manipulation

Going with DS15 and DS12 on FD. DS15 is a very picky eater. Very. But DS12 and I like to try things. If we go to some place like Yak & Yetti, can I use credits for DS12 and me then pay OOP for a kids meal for DS15? I might have to get him some extra snacks in the park if I do that, but I'm thinking it might be a workable compromise.

And my TS credits will last longer as well so it won't bother me to use them on places like TRex or Rainforest where he.might actually find something on the adult menu he will eat!

I just want to make sure that not everyone at the table has to pay with DP; it can be split. Right?

Yes, you can use TS credits and OOP for the same meal as long as it's not a buffet. I'm doing the same thing since my girls are considered adults but they eat off the kids menu. I'm going to pay OOP for the kids meals & save up the extra TS for Hoop de Doo. smile

Thanks @Jenny! HDDR is definitely part of my calculations!

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