DP/DCA Park Hopping

I’m planning our first trip to Disneyland. I’m very familiar with WDW. Can anyone help me figure out how long it takes to move between the two parks? I typically build my own touring plans and am not sure how much time to allow in the case of splitting days for parades and/or dining/entertainment. Thanks!

From the Emporium to Elias and Company should take you ~5 mins or less walking time, plus whatever the line is outside DCA. Unless you’re there at rope drop, it should be >1 min at the turnstile.

From exit of DisneyLand to entrance at DCA is literally 250 feet. You don’t have to go through security so your only wait time will be whatever the line is at the turnstile. At most times of day that’s likely only 1 family deep so your worst case would be if it is their first entry and the CM has to take pictures to attach to their tickets. I’d expect 5 minutes as your worst case unless a tour group was entering or something odd…

It is amazing how easy it is to park hop at DisneyLand as compared to WDW…


We often hop between the two parks multiple times a day. Usually it takes us 5-10 minutes, but on occasion, especially if it is crowded you can get some long lines (20-30 minutes long).

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It’s closer than IG to BW :slight_smile: