Dp calculator

Would someone please post a link to TP dp calculator here? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks!

It is a personalized link, therefore you have to click it yourself. The button is on your dashboard right next to the “configure fax” button - I had a hard time finding it too!

I still cant find it! I dont even see the fax button you are talking about anywhere in dashboard. I love lines chat but this website has always been very difficult for me to navigate. I think it’s because I’m on an android device. I wish they would make it more user friendly…Why isnt there just a link for it? Simple is better!

Do you see the same screen as I post here? If so, under the date and slightly above my plans for my first day are a row of rectangles, one that says dining.

Oh are you on mobile? I don’t know if you can see it on mobile.

I am on mobile device but went to regular tp website. I finally found it. That tab on the trip always messes me up. For some reason my brain doesn’t “see” it, although it’s in plain sight. I had to click the tab on left to get options for fax or dining. And even tho I had a 2018 trip there…it was telling me I didnt and it wouldnt let me proceed w calculator. It also wouldnt let me edit my trip it didnt think i had. Sooo, i exited and went into app and added a “new” trip. Then back to website, dashboard, tabs and Voila! Lets me access dining calculator. Thank you for your help!

I agree this link was not intuitive. I was searching all over the place, and almost lost my mind b4 finally finding it.