Downtown Disney

Travel to by car and across to Disney quest by foot are impacted by construction fences. Can anyone comment on boat from POR or boat from marketplace to other side?

I would love to know too. When will u b there? Im leaving on the 1st so I can help you if we dont get the answer. Look for my upcoming forum here. Im gonna report every day with all places Ill b at for liners with questions.

I. Would love to know too. I'm not going till October, but I want to go to DD after checking out Yeehaa Bob.

We're heading to DQ by car later this morning - will we not be able to get near it?

I'll be going to DTD and DQ on Monday, August 11. Was wondering if DQ would be on the refurb list, but have not seen it listed. One person replied somewhere that boat from POR was still fine. No word on DTD internal boats.

I haven't heard of anything happening to DQ.

Hood question! I'm also interested in hearing recent first-hand experience with the DTD boat from POR or POFQ. How far in advance would you want to be at the boat ramp before a Raglan Road ADR. 1 hour?

Changes to parking/transportation due to Downtown Disney remodel:

  • The Pleasure Island bus stop closed permanently June 11, 2014.

  • The Marketplace boat dock closed 2/22/14 and will reopen in the fall.

  • The Sassagoula River Cruise will now board at the Pleasure Island boat dock. The water taxi will only be available between the Pleasure Island and the West Side docks.

  • Port Orleans River Cruise Yellow route will be between Pleasure Island and the Port Orleans resorts.

  • The Blue route will be between West Side, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs and the Treehouse Villas.

  • The internal Downtown Disney water taxi Red route will be between West Side and Pleasure Island.

  • Parking lots H, I, J and K are closed. During busy times, the Team Disney parking lot will be open and a shuttle will be provided to Downtown Disney. A parking garage will be built in place of the existing lots.

  • The section of road between AMC Theatres and DisneyQuest will be closed from 10/21/13 until Fall 2014.

  • Entrance 3 is closed. Ring Road is closed from Planet Hollywood to DisneyQuest. The taxi service that used to be located near Planet Hollywood has been relocated to a section of the parking lot in front of Raglan Road.

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@IMMommyDearest wow, thanks! Great information.