Downtown Disney Dining

Hi! Trying to decide where to eat in Downtown Disney our first night.We will be celebrating my DDs (9yo) birthday that night. (Also have another DD, 6.5yo).

Someone rec Raglan Rd. And while the atmosphere sounds fun, I am not sure either DD would be happy with food options. Another suggestion was T-Rex. But we will probably avoid that since we are also eating at Rainforest Cafe during our trip.

Has anyone eaten at Splitsville? I think that was another suggestion. Is bowling a sep fee? Or included? My kids do love to bowl! And I know that bakeries don’t deliver to DtD, but would Splitsville be a place where they may doing something special for my DDs birthday?

Thanks for your help! =)

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We ate at Raglan Road last trip with DS then 10, and he was fine with the choices. Did you/she look at the menu?

This time we are going for Paradiso 37. The whole family loves Mexican food, although DD8 is more picky. She looked at the menu and gave the OK.

I’ve not eaten at Splitsville, so can’t help you with that.

Splitsville gets good reviews, however, all of the charges are separate and people often comment that it ends up really pricey. Plus some people are put off bowling while eating with concerns about the germs. Raglan Road is the most recommended restaurant, but nearly everything else is generally considered decent. I’m one of the few that actually likes Planet Hollywood. The food was much better than similar places like Hard Rock, and the atmosphere, while loud, is fun for kids. Check out the menu’s from each of the various places and i’m sure you’ll find one. I’m also a big fan of Earl of Sandwich.

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We like to do quick service at Downtown Disney (as it’s one of the better places to do so in my opinion). I can therefore recommend Earl of Sandwich - it’s really good, and pretty cheap for Disney too. I also really like Cookes of Dublin (the quick service attached to Raglan Road) - the battered scallops there are lovely.

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I recently ate at Splitsville…the food was great (I’ve never had french fries that were hot form first to last, ever!), and, while we didn’t bowl, it looked like a lot of fun. And we particularly noticed kids having a lot of fun, laughing and cheering. Maybe the best bowling alley experience I’ve ever had, and I am an occasional league bowler!

Thanks for the suggestions.

I am planning “blindly” for her (cannot show her menu) because she has no idea we are going to Disney! It’s a surprise for both our girls. =)

They both love Mexican. And bowling. Tough decision. =)

You know, I just went back and looked at the menu again for Raglan. I do think there is plenty for both DDs on the kids menu they can choose from. The regular menu sounds yummy for big people, too.

So Raglan it is! =)

Now…Does anyone know how long evening table service takes? We will be hitting MK for RD the next day. (There are also EMH from 8–9am when we go, so we’ll need to be up pretty early.)

Thanks again-

Figure about an hour to 1 1/2 hrs. When we were there the dancers came around and invited the kids up on the stage to learn a little step dancing. Two of my three did it (including DS10!) and had fun, and got a little souvenir as well.

Make sure you ask to be able to see the dancers. We didn’t, and ended up in a corner. We could hear the dancers and music, but couldn’t see them. Loved the food though, so I’ll definitely go back, but I really want to see the dancers