Downtime Question

I am planning a 10 day trip, we are doing HS, AK, EP 1 time, MK twice. I was planning to go to the parks every other day so we could have some downtime. I have two boys 5 & 8. Hoping to get some ideas of things we could do on our days off from the parks. I want to keep it low key and in the event it’s too cold to hit the pool (going in Feb) I just wanted some options. I know we’ll go to Disney Springs but anything else I should consider doing?

That’s a LOT of downtime…

My non-park day (if I have any at all) are along the lines of 1 out of 5 or 2 out of 7. On these I typically go explore other resorts, have a nice TS lunch somewhere, shop, etc. All things I’m sure DSs 5&8 would just love…

I’m assuming that you are only doing 5 park days because you only have 5-day tickets. If I really wanted to have that much down time, I would choose to do 8 or 9 half days vice 5 full days. Have you considered adding days to your tickets?

Otherwise have a good supply of videos and video games (or whatever they like to do) and HOPE that the weather is good for swimming…

I would agree with BSwan - that’s a lot of planned downtime. Do note that once you hit 4 days, the incremental cost of an extra day in the parks is minimal (something on the order of $10-$15 per person) which given the cost of lodging and food is relatively minimal. I’d seriously consider adding days to your tickets and even if it’s a “slow” day where you’re only at the park for a half day catching a second ride on favorites, it would probably be well worth it.

There’s bowling and movies at DS, Putt-Putt is available, depending on your resort (or willingness to visit a resort that offers them) many offer water craft rentals, Port Orleans Riverside offers fishing, I think horseback rides are available at Fort Wilderness - note all of these will likely cost more $ than extending your park ticket. Resort hopping to check out resorts can be fun. AKL would be good with the kids due to the animals. All of the monorail resorts plus Wilderness Lodge are interesting to check out plus have the benefit of monorail/boat transportation around which is fun in and of itself. Many resorts offer movie nights on the lawn/beach, although in February it will depend on the temperatures if it would be a good or miserable experience. The Poly has some cool beach festivities like roasting marshmallows that my son enjoyed. At a monorail resort you can check out the Electric Boat Parade on the lagoon that’s interesting…

Thanks for your input…the whole downtime thing is what I’m struggling with. I’m not sure what is best…to do full days off from the park or do 1/2 days. I guess I just didn’t want to overdo it with the kids and have them be over tired and feel like all we were doing is running with our head cut off.

We thought the same thing, but DS5 was fine. We didn’t push. If he was getting tired we would leave. The key for us is to be flexible and having a big break each day to nap or hit the pools is a must. We had one “off day” on our 8 day trip last time. That day, we slept in and went to the park after dinner.

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Good ideas. Perhaps worth noting that “Putt-putt” = mini golf!

I’m from New England, and I’d never heard of putt-putt until recently (I think it’s a midwest thing). To be fair, perhaps New England is the odd man out, and midwesterners have never heard of mini-golf … :neutral_face:

Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland both offer two courses each (though the ‘pro’ course at Fantasia –– Fantasia Fairways –– is very difficult!).

We are doing the water parks on 2 of our off days, figure it’s a later morning, plus something we will just do until late afternoon so we can relax after at the hotel, or Disney Springs. One day the kids are doing a Pirate Adventure cruise, that might be fun! Mine will be 8 and just-turned-6.

I think it would greatly depend on your kids…however I agree that is a lot of downtime. I want over the summer 2016 with a 8 and 6 year old. They were fine. We had a five day ticket and we did 2 park days (9-10pm mostly) then 1 day rest. We were in FL about 8 days and which only gave us 2 days rest (not counting the day we arrived). This was perfect for us. The rest days…we…rested. We did nothing but eat and swim in the pool. 1 day we did go bowling at DS which was $$$$$.

With that said. We experienced most of what we wanted but not everything. My kids were fine throughout the trip with that park and rest schedule. I would recommend multiple half days or a shorter trip…but it mostly depends on your kids. With that said June 2016 was HOT so I am glad that you going in FEB. Most of our issues was the heat.

10 days with 5 parks is fine for me. Especially if you arrive late afternoon and depart early on departure day. In that case you really wouldn’t want to waste a day at the parks on those 2 days. If that’s the case then your only talking 8 days with 5 being park days. Perfectly fine IMO. We are doing 8 days with 1 day at each park. We arrive late afternoon and depart late afternoon as well. We have lots of things planned. DS, water parks, dinner shows around I-drive, golf ( mini or putt putt) I’m from New England too so it’s “Mini” for me., and what we are looking forward to most which was already mentioned is Resort Hopping. We are dying to see AKL and WL lobbies. Heard they are gorgeous Then there’s the Boardwalk area we absolutely love walking around there at night. The Poly beach and watching the water parade, firework viewing from the observation deck at the CR, roasting marshmallows with Chip n Dale (thinks that’s at FW) Carriage rides at POR, Horseback riding, Starlight Safari at AKL, Pirate cruises, and I havnt even got to the resort restaraunts ( some include character dinning)
YES!! Most of these things come at a cost. And it would be cheaper to just tack on a day or two to the park ticket and go that route. But if want to experience more than the parks and don’t mind the added costs, I say explore everything you can.
I think the only thing that may make me recommend adding the extra park days is the weather in February. If you catch a cold front during your visit you can rule out resort swimming, water parks, and some of the outdoor nighttime activities.

You could let the kids spend an evening at one of the kids clubs and the parents could have a night out. Most resorts have an outdoor movie showing in the evening.

When I read ‘putt-putt’ I thought it was a boat ride! :joy: We say mini-golf or more commonly crazy-golf!

Ah! Forgot about Crazy Golf! Cheers!