Douglar’s Disney Trip

Traveling with DW, DS9, DS7.

Quick notes on phone while it’s raining out:

Day one, day of a million fast passes—-

  • Arrived at Beach club. Made cheesy jokes for the bell staff and received anytime fp1
  • Bussed to MK for 1:30 hair cuts with the boys. I was way over due.
  • FP1 for BTMR, boys loved it
  • FP2 for splash mountain, had 30 minute lightning delay but we waited it out.
  • Did standby for POTC so we might see the live Jack Sparrow. We did. He scared the crap out of me when I was trying to figure out of he was real.
  • Did some adventures of the 7 seas. Boys didnt want to go on POTC again, so we didnt use that fast pass.
  • FP3 on Jungle cruise followed by an immediate FP4 for magic carpets. Claimed Under the Sea FP5 after tapping in.
  • Went to shooting gallery. Change machine broken so it was set to free shooting
  • Skipper Canteen Dinner. Steak seemed like the best meal ever at WDW for me
  • Used AFP1 on space mountain
  • After tapping in at Under the Sea, claimed FP6 for IASMAA
  • Carousel standby, not wait
  • IASWAA broke down, giving AFP2. Tired to use AFP2 on SDMT. Kind cast member gave us FP7 for SDMT because you can’t use AFP on that attraction.
  • Tea cups stand by, no wait
  • Used AFP2 on Speedway. Its tolerable after dark. My boys cant drive for crap =)
  • Got Late night FP8 on IASWAA, which broke again giving AFP3 that was used the next day on RNR

I enjoyed all of the fast passes, but yeah started to feel guilty after a while

(edit - small corrections to the FP history)


That’s a great day! I cant wait to see how terrible my boys drive at Tomorrowland Speedway (it was under refurb when we were there)!!

Nicely done!! I don’t think there’s any reason to Feel guilty. Sounds like a great day!

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We were up at 4am on day 1 to catch the flight.
We were up at 5:30 on day 2 for EMM TSL
So of course Im up way early for our PPO GG today.

Day two Hot and then Wet—

  • We headed out to the bus for TSL EMM at 6:30. Realized Beach Club does not have a HS bus. Made it out to the boat just in time for a 6:40 pickup
  • Arrived 7:05. Got scanned and banded just in time for the gate open at 7:15.
  • Fam needed a snack so we stopped by the Backlot Express for a snack on the way in, set us back about 15 mins, but I got coffee.
  • Got to TSL at 7:40, character greet lines were all long. Walked on AS2
  • 2 rides on SDD, 20 minutes then 15 minutes
  • Really wanted ToT, so we started heading back at 8:30, ran into Buzz coming out for greets with no line. Awesome!
  • Got to the sunset strip at 8:35, but RD crowds had already moved 1/2 down. Joined them. We were about 30 people deep in the crowd with the restrooms on our right.
  • Crowds were not released until 9am sharp. Only had to break up two fights between boys during the wait.
  • Met some nice people in the ToT stand by. Hot. We shared our mister fan bottle with others.
  • Completed Tot at 9:30. Kids loved it.
  • Walked back towards Backlot Express. Had a FP1 star tours. Entered queue at 9:40, exited at 9:57.
  • DS9 unhappy with getting rushed to dining & ordering, but we entered at 10am sharp and managed to get entrees, get one pass through the fruit/pastry buffet and get drinks before they shut it down.
  • Yesterday’s roll over AFP didnt show in My Dis Experience. Stopped at guest services outside commissary. Cast member called up my FP history from Monday. I blushed. She confirmed that it was still good even though it didn’t show on the app.
  • FP2 on RnR. DS7 was afraid of the roller coaster. Afterwards DS7: “Dad! Dad! I made it through with my eyes closed!”
  • Boys were amazed by The Lightening McQueen show. DS9: “How do they do that?”
  • Family huddle on what to do with AFP. DS7 convinces DS9 that Star Tours is the right choice. We take 20 steps away from RnR. DS7 wants RnR. Second photo has DS7 doing the “metal” hand gesture with his mouth open.
  • Hot sweaty walk at noon for midway mania FP3. Hot sweaty walk to gate. Hot sweaty boat ride back to BC. The boat was icy in the morning, but the AC couldn’t keep up with the afternoon sun. We survive thanks to water, ice cream break and misting bottle. Got back to hotel at 1:30.
  • Tried to go swimming at 2pm but the rains came shortly after we got in the pool.
  • Made it to Disney Springs by 4. Got kids checked into The Void. Expensive but they loved it to death. Shopped with DW while they were there.
  • Had trex reservations for 6:30. Got in right before the rains returned. Has an exciting decor. Kept food orders simple. 1 app, 1 entree, 2 kids meals. Bill was less than $100, so we didnt use TS meal plan and collected Landry points. Still had food to take home. Took 90 minutes to eat. Place was packed because street traffic rushed in when the rain came.
  • Kids watched Disney bed time stories on TV until they fell asleep at 9:30. Now it is 6:30am and the kids are looking at the channel guide for which bedtime story they want tonight

Great reports! Looking forward to more!!

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Great meeting you today!

(photo from Soarin’, where our families were the only families on the ride at 8:50 AM after PPO garden grill!)


I cant believe I got made only three days in!

Day three - The day that we beat the weather

  • There is a ton of construction at the Epcot entrances. They are redoing the International enterance for the skyliner, as you might expect.
  • 8:10 PPO GG. We got there at 8:10, got our buzzer. We were called ahead of some that were already waiting, so the reservation time must have something to do with the order you get picked.
  • Rang up a $152 bill for two kids, two adults, so that definitely went on the meal plan. I guess POG mimosas are expensive.
  • Did Soarin and the Ralph and Vanellope. Careful with the Ralph fist bumps. I think he has some calloused knuckles
  • DS7 didn’t remember what was in space ship earth (fp1). He was unimpressed, but still loved the games at the end. Later saw a shirt that said “Thank you the Phonecians” which still makes me laugh.
  • Stopped at the Glidden color lab. Starting to look a little worn in Innovativations east.
  • Did Mission Green stand by. Pretty close to walk on. Walked out to see a wall of thunder storms.
  • Rushed back in for FP2 Mission orange. Kids were pretty ornery about passing all of the games a second time but we rushed over to
  • TT for 11:15 FP3. Accuweather says rain in 15 minutes. Designing cars. Rain in 6 minutes. Waiting to board. Rain in 2 minutes. We made the ride, even though I wish I wore my glasses because I caught a fat drop in my eye on the last turn.
  • By the time we finished the post ride entertainment at MS and TT the rain stopped.
  • Hit club cool, then Fish and chips in england. Menaced by a hungry duck. Eventually we had to turn the misting fan on him. Why do I always eat the fish & chips in the heat?
  • Big thunder booms in the sky walking back, but by the time we got suited for the pool, it was all open.
  • Returned for an epcot evening. Met Alice, did some Agent P (DW wont say it, but she loathes Agent P) Kids tolerated Marrikesh. Refused the belly dancing invitation 1000%. Didnt expect that
  • Wish I could have encouraged DW to stay up for Illuminations so she would have slept in longer on our water park day

!!! If I was on the fence about GG breakfast for our first trip (I wasn’t really), POG Mimosa would tip me onto the side of Definitely!!

I laughed and am impressed with your ingenuity in keeping waterfowl at bay.

FYI - POG mimosas are not on the menu. Had to ask for it.


Excellent tip! Thanks!

Question - were your 9 and 7 year olds allowed into VOID?

My kids will be 12 and 7 and we would really like to experience the VOID together, but their web site shows age restriction of 10 and older.

The people at the void put the gear on the boys and asked them if they were ok carting around a 20 lbs backpack. Boys said yes, so they got admitted. Say “the void” to get a free foto.



Thank you! Very good to know

My favourite part of parenthood. :upside_down_face:

I love your DS7 with his metal hand gesture. :metal: Did you do the Star Wars or the Ralph Void experience? And nicely Fastpassed at MK!

I also love the DW and duck photo. Why does she hate Agent P?

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Just wait… :slight_smile: It gets worse


Boys did Ralph with another 9 year old and his mother.

DW doesn’t like Agent P because it’s not how she prefers to enjoy disney. Same with Treasure of Seven Seas, & Sorcerers omk. Its all in the same category as pin trading as far as she’s concerned.

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I think over 1/2 the hotel might be UK this week.

Day 4 was Blizzard Beach with an epcot evening

  • There was no way to get to all the slides in 1/2 day. Tears were shed when we left the water park
  • “Why are there no fast passes?” was asked at least 5 times by DS9 using different phrasing. I think he wants to catch me up on a technicality.
  • Afternoon/evening touring plan was called “World showcase death march”. We walked to soarin, and then the remaining showcase. Rain from 3-5pm cooled things off so it wasn’t that bad.
  • DS7 decided he wanted to start collecting autographs. Got a lot of sigs in, helped by some lucky encounters and some timely rain storms.
  • Made it to Via Napoli at 7:20. Had to miss some kidcots to get there on time. Took 115 minutes to get seated, served, & deserted so we missed most of Illuminations
  • DS7 was sound asleep when we left Italy, so it was good that we had the stroller.

Day 5 was a lot of Animal Kingdom.

  • Left over Pizza breakfast. Still tasty.
  • Arrived at 8:45 for a 9am RD into dino land. Did a lot: Dinosaur/EE (x3) /KRR (x2)/Flame tree/ UP / Lion King / 2pm FOP . We barely stopped moving for 5 hours.
  • Heavy rain after FOP. Had ponchos but it was drenching, Stopped for hot chocolate and churros at Nomads Lounge. AC is cold when you are wet and seven years old.
  • Got some more meets & sigs in at Dinoland. Rain made lines were short. “Dad, what did she mean when she said chip and dale need to go get some acorn cakes?” “Means the chipmunks had to poop”. I may not be the best parent sometimes.
  • Dino-chip thought DS7’s Yoshi tshirt was him. I asked Scrooge McDuck “How bout $10”. Handler told me “How bout you get a job?” DS7 has realization: “Character meets are weird. You stand next to a man in a costume” Still wants to do more though.
  • Triceratops Spin is more exciting when it is raining.
  • Teppan Edo dinner with some French Canadians. They were not really comfortable with English. DS7 was nearly in tears because he chose to become a picky eater last year and was concerned about the food. Instead he ended up nearly cleaning his plate. Seems zucchini is still a step too far.
  • Caught some of the Awesome mix concert while DW shopped. 10 minutes was enough. Didn’t feel compelled to stay.
  • Finished the last 5 kidcot stops before Illuminations. It was a long haul. DS9: “The prize at the end wasn’t so great, but at least we traveled the entire world”. Kids both stayed awake until the end. Good sign with MNSSHP coming up tomorrow. Also good because we didn’t get the stroller and carrying a 70lb boy from the Canada pavilion back to beach club would not have been fun.
  • DS9 lost magic band on way home. He repeatedly theorizes that it must have been stolen because he never took it off. Guest services graciously replaced it at no cost.

Maybe not, but you’re a top-notch trip reporter. Not everyone can reflect upon a critter dump in their post with such flair and style!

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I love your trip report lol. Bullet points are just my style. Enjoy the MSSHP!