Double Strollers

We are considering buying an inexpensive double stroller for our trip… looking at the joovy scooter or joovy caboose. Any feedback on these or if you prefer side by side to front/back while touring the parks? My kids are 1 and nearly 3.

Thank you!

No personal experience but I will say the ones I’ve seen in park, the kid in the back on the caboose style always looked overly hot and miserable and jammed in there uncomfortably

We have a joovy front to
Back ride on one… hard to
Navigate it’s collecting dust. For our trip we rented a side bY side double from kingdom strollers. The GT version. Great experience kids were comfortable. Easy to push. Super hassle free.

Just my 2 cents!

Edit- to add my kids were 22 months and 5. So a little older

Ahhh good point! I was worried the back rider wouldn’t have a great view but didnt think about airflow. Thanks!

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Thank you! Ive always thought the side bt side seemed like a hassle (doorways etc) but maybe they are perfect for WDW! Thank you!

We’ve rented double strollers twice from Kingdom Strollers. So convenient. I would highly recommend that. Perfect for WDW.

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I was thinking about renting but not sure how my kids would do in the airport without a stroller (and i dont want to chase them!)

Good point. We drove those trips.

We had the same concern but it was kinda nice to wear them out before the flight. I always avoided side by side for the same reason but tilt felt really easy to use. It was great for stroller naps and our cane with a rain cover so perfect to keep the kids dry too. I would suggest cooling towels… helped my kids stay cool…

I’m smiling because I don’t consider Joovy inexpensive.

At home I preferred sit and stand, but have rented side-by-side from Kingdom
Strollers as well (in order to free up room in van for packing).

We bought a Schwinn double (it is inexpensive for a double) and it lasted two WDW trips and lots of walking in between. Was comfy for the kiddos, too.

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When my kids were double stroller age, we also did a sit and stand configuration. The older one loved the freedom of getting up to walk and see things or rest. We did have to have a little talk about communicating with the stroller driver before jumping off or on. I liked that the footprint was closer to a regular single stroller and easy to navigate with.

Have you considered 2 single strollers? When we were in WDW last year with our 1 and 3 year olds, we debated 2 singles vs a double and by the end of the first day, we were very happy we decided on 2 singles. We were able to split up so our 1 year old could nap while our 3 year old stayed at the park longer a few times and also found it helpful a couple times when the kids were doing separate attractions.

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I would take the money you would have spent on a joovy or similar and use it to buy a nicer used stroller from facebook marketplace or similar. I just bought a city mini double used on fb marketplace for $100, and believe I can recover that after my trip by reselling it. Also, I would definitely recommend side by side–it’s hard to navigate the long narrow ones, in my experience.
If you see one, I really liked the Maclaren double umbrella stroller. We used it last year but gave it away to friends with two little ones, since our kids are older and we didn’t anticipate returning to WDW while we still had two who could conceivably fit in a stroller. Then we planned another trip and realized we had messed ourselves up stroller-wise. The city mini rolls much more smoothly than the maclaren, but the folding on the maclaren was grand–it folds up really quite small, especially for a double!

We are currently using the double city stroller and love it. It’s smooth and easy to navigate. Kids 2.5 and 4.5 have been napping great. Rented from Kingdom strollers.

I also rented the double city mini from Kingdom strollers and it was perfect! Comfortable, large shade, not too wide, easy to fold. I currently use a Joovy Caboose at home. Well, not currently, my kids are technically just past the stroller age but this is what I have used since they were itty bitty. I love it…at home. I wouldn’t take it to the airport or WDW. It’s still large when folded and just bulky to carry. I’m not even sure if they might make you bag check it at the airport? What I did for the airport was bring a very small $15 umbrella stroller that is easy to carry with one hand or under my arm. It fact, I have had this umbrella stroller for 9 years now and it is the most used item in my arsenal! To navigate places like the airport when my kids were 1 and 3 I would wear the little in an Ergo carrier and the toddler would ride in the umbrella stroller.

I actually prefer my long, narrow Baby Jogger City Select. Personally, I feel more nimble with the narrower profile. It’s going to have to stay home this time, though, because it doesn’t fit the new, smaller stroller dimensions. We’ll be renting a City GT double for our next trip.

Make sure you check the dimensions of any stroller you are considering, @Rachael.330. Rumor has it that Disney is going to be cracking down on strollers that exceed their size limitations.

I’m a tad bit late to this discussion, but I also would recommend at least thinking about taking 2 singles. I will have a 1 and 4 year old this fall and plan to bring a Uppababy Vista for my youngest (the basket of my dreams) and either my Maclaren umbrella or our single City Mini GT for my older son. I also have carriers for both of them too so I think that we will often using combo transport for the two kids instead of using a double.

The only tight fit with our city mini at WDW was the door to the hotel room! We’ve done two singles in years past and it was more convenient for us to have the double this time, although I did have to say ‘hands to yourself!’ an awful lot.

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