Double Check on AoA Cars Section Room Request

We will be 5 days out tomorrow and I wanted to double check on my room request before it gets sent out. We are staying in a Cars suite and I want to be as close as possible to the buses and I want to be facing the courtyard, not the parking lot.

I requested 1513 and here is the fax: Bldg Cars,Flr 1,E-facing room.Exmple:1513,1511,1509,1507,1505,1503,1501,1527; as close as possible to the bus and Animation Hall.

Is that correct to get as close as possible to the buses? I also did the online check in and for my room requests, I chose close to bus and close to animation hall.

Last time we stayed at AoA we did two adjoining Little Mermaid rooms and I swear it was at least 1/2 mile walk to the buses and it kind of ruined our trip. This trip I initially booked Finding Nemo in order to be as close as possible, but I got a room discount by switching to Cars…I’m hoping I can get pretty close.

Also, should I try calling too or will that just further confuse things? I just really, really want a close room this trip!


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That is the same block we are requesting, except I will be asking for the 4th floor. But I think you are right about location!