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I haven't flown in over 3 yrs and that was overseas with a large group. I have either forgotten all flying knowledge or blocked it out. Please walk me thru the process of flying to WDW and taking DME. For instance, what docs do I need? What should go in carry on vs checked bags? Any help would be appreciated! We are fam of 4 flying Delta with a connection in ATL. Arriving at MCO at 4:22pm

You will need ID to check in for your flight and both ID and a boarding pass to get through security. Sometimes you'll have to take your shoes off to go through security - depends on the airport. You put all your loose carry-on items in a bin and slide them through the machine along with purse, suitcase, etc. If you have any liquids they will need to be in 2oz or smaller containers and gathered together into a quart size ziplock bag. It's ok to pack food in your carry on, just not large containers of liquids. I like to check as much as possible and just carry on minimum stuff so I don't have to mess with too much at security.

@Mrpotatohead, great links. @SallyEppcot, thank you! Should I bring paper print out of reservations? Do I need to do anything else prior to arriving at airport?

It kind of depends on what airline you're flying. I fly SWA, and I usually need the confirmation number for my flight along with my ID so I can use the self-service check-in computers. I always think it's a good idea to have a paper printout of the flight itinerary along with any confirmation numbers for flights, hotel reservations, rental car reservation, etc. I usually have a 1/2 size sheet protector with any papers I think I'll need tucked into the side of my purse. However, my DH flies a lot for work and he usually doesn't bother with as many back-up print-outs as I like to have. He just takes his phone and ID.

Also, it's good to have a plan for where you are going to keep your boarding passes. Those are very important. What airline are you flying? Will you be alone or with family?

It's 4 of us, flying Delta.

Delta has electronic boarding passes as well. You can get an email or text message with a link to a mobile-optimized web page that has a scannable bar code. The page displays on your smart phone. The TSA checkpoints and individual gates have readers. You still need a photo ID but at least you have a boarding pass that's harder to lose.

(edit) Unless there's a hurricane coming in the next 24 hours, Atlanta-Orlando flights on Delta will be full. One carry on bag and one personal item will be strictly enforced, as will size limits on carry-ons. Delta used to have widebodys to Florida, usually 767s, during peak seasons but you'll probably get a 737-800 or -900, as that's about everything to Florida these days. That's six-across seating. If it's a newer plane, you might get the canned, TV-clips "entertainment" on overhead screens, but nothing more elaborate. Food service will be drinks and pretzels.


Hooray for BGK! I'll just add to confirm your flight times online the day before you leave. Delta sometimes changes their flight schedules. They should let you know if they do that, but sometimes they don't. If you have kids with you the security agents will ask them questions like their full name and birthdate. Minors don't have to have ID, but I like to carry a photo copy of my kids' birth certificates just in case. I don't carry the originals. Oh, and be sure to hang onto your baggage claim receipt stubs. You probably won't need them, but it's a good idea to keep track of them.

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Unless one is going to New York on jetBlue, Delta is about the only game in town for domestic flights in most Florida cities. I've become very familiar with them over the years. I've taken the 5:30AM Ft. Myers-Atlanta flight more times than I care to remember.

Thanks @BGK! Great info!

Check your location. Some airports like mine (Elmira,NY) don't have the scanning capability. Check Delta's website. They have a list of airports that have scanners smile I had been wondering about bringing printed passes or just scanning my phone when I checked out the site.


Oh, ok. Thanks. I didn't even think of that. I'll probably just print everything out anyway. We're not even leaving until December so as you can tell I'm a bit obsessive.

Yes. Of all places, JFK didn't have the scanners last time I flew Delta from there in 2011. I don't think you'll be offered them as an option if the airport doesn't have them.

MCO has four remote terminals, so you'll take a train to the main terminal. The train from Delta's gates, arrives at the north end, of the B side, on the third level, of the main terminal. DME is on the south end, of the B side, on level 1. When you get off the train, veer to the left start walking, when ever you see elevators or escalators, go down 2 levels and continue in the same direction. You will
eventually come to DME.

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Clarifying - in your carry-on you are EACH allowed one 1-quart zip lock back which contains all liquids, gels, sprays, makeup, deodorant, contact lens solution, etc. These containers may hold up to 100 ml/3.5 oz and must all fit in your zip-lock bag. Medications are NOT included in your allowance, so bag them up separately, and place them into the bin as you declare them to the TSA agent. You are now allowed to use small devices in 'Airplane' mode from the time you enter the plane until you deplane (Kindle, cell phone in Airplane mode - does NOT include laptops)--bring headphones if you want to help drown out some of the little ones on your plane. I fly mostly Delta, and bring both a paper boarding pass (back up) as well as my electronic pass on my iPhone. Pack only what you will NEED when you arrive at the park & for flying (if you bring a compact bag you can drop off anything you will not need at the park with Bell Services at the resort). If flying with kids, remember that "food is love"---this is not the time to worry about snacks ruining their appetite, bring them some goodies! Your flight from Atlanta will include a beverage and about 10 pretzels each in a small packet---if kiddos are not used to flying having some snacks and some things packed that they have never played with (i.e. new Highlights mags with hidden puzzels, quiet games---important that you not bring things that will fall & get lost, that is just a bummer!). Sees pops on a stick are good for balancing those popping ears (and you can grab the stick if the kids start wrestling to prevent choking). Also, very important - bring a small pack or two of Clorox wipes to sanitize ANYTHING your family will touch (seat belts, armrests, tray tables, seats, window shades)---some viruses live up to 10 days on hard surfaces, and are often transmitted by touching the contaminated area then rubbing your nose or eyes (protect that vacation!). Mostly, have fun!

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Much obliged @errobin for the useful info! Thankfully our DDs will be 21 and 13 at time of travel.

As backup just in case of the unforeseen, in your carryon bring your swimsuit and maybe one change of clothes if you might want them. And all hotel / ticket info. And magic bands!

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