Door to door travel from Coronado Springs to Tusker House?

We have an 8:15 PPO ADR at Tusker House for our AK day. How much time should we allot for transportation, security, and walking?

I’ve budgeted for Minnie Van service for convenience and stress reduction reasons, but I don’t know how long bag check will take that early nor how long we’ll likely wait for the MV to show up.

If we walk out our hotel door at 7:30, is it reasonable to assume we’ll be on time or early to breakfast?

Not specifically sure how the busses are at Coronado but when I have a PPO ADR I try to get to the bus stop before 7. That was always to be sure to catch the first bus. Now with the bus times being on the app at least you will have a good idea of when one is coming. However I still get there early because early in the morning the busses can be wonky. I have waited as long as 15 minutes after a posted arrival time. We are always ready to take an Uber if needed but so far have not had to.