Dooney & Bourke quality?

I’m looking at getting my wife a D&B purse for christmas but I wanted to hear from those who have them as to the quality of the purses? How long have you had yours and how does it look?

My best friend has multiple Disney Dooney & Bourke purses, and she seems to love them. They’re quite substantial and heavy, and hers have never looked worn. I’m a much more casual person, so I prefer the light-weight cloth Vera Bradley Disney purses. If the D&B style purse is the sort of purse she usually carries, then I think it will be an excellent gift.

My wife got one 4 years ago. It has held up well and still looks great. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes our last trip when she saw the new designs.


I have a D&B cross body that I use for touring the parks. It is white and it has held up. Looks just like the day I got it. If you are getting a disney one make sure you buy in person and look at the characters and patterns. You want to make certain the characters you want are visible.

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I love the 2 that I got last year. Both are great and look like new. And I did take a bit to pick one out as I wanted to make sure the pics (park icons & attractions) I liked best were showing prominently. The other had a repeating pattern of words (Mickey & Minnie). There are lots of great patterns and styles to pick from.