Don't want to see Family and Friends plans on MDE

I’ve been having some :roll_eyes: issues with Family and Friends on MDE . Even though I check “see only shared plans” box and then “save” for each friend and they do the same, I can still see all their ADRs and photopass pix. I called and WDW made sure we were set up appropriately but for 2 of the 4 of them it reverts back every time I sign out. WDW says that’s all they can do. I do not see the plans for my other friends’ trip that is in January so the issue is specifically with this particular set of friends going at the same time as us.

We are hoping to get some FPP together that I will book for all of us but after I make those reservations, can I remove them from my friends and family list so I don’t have to see all their plans and vice versa? It’s a big group with our family, theirs, and my other friend’s family (14 total with three sets of interwoven plans for the same dates). Will there be any problem with the reservations if we only have separate accounts after making ADRs and FPP together? Any other work around?

Sorry for the MDE problems. I travel with my own family, and also with girlfriends (we are about to take our 3rd trip to WDW together, so used to booking FPP and such). I am not linked to them on purpose, and we always book FPP together. We just each book our own at the same times and it works out great. I book some of the ADRs, they book some. We just communicate these to each other and don’t worry about being linked. I have no idea how to solve your problem any other way, just don’t be friends on MDE and everyone book their stuff separate is all I’ve got.