Don't Wait to Go!

On Saturday I was feeling crazy and decided to see if I could go with our 4 littles (oldest just turned 6, youngest is 13.5 months) but WITHOUT DH (he was working). We didn’t get into MK until right about 2pm and left about 7pm. We did it! Rode WtP, PeopleMover, Buzz, CoP, PP, and IASW. So, if DH can’t or doesn’t want to (that’s crazy, who wouldn’t want to??) in the words of Nina, now I know, don’t wait to go! I can do it! :smile:


@amandal_OR_SO_WE_THINK Good job!!! If I lived close I know I’d be there ALL the time!!!

You are very brave.

Good job! May I ask…what is WtP? :smile:

@bearsmom2011 Winnie the Pooh. I always have to think about that one too!

Ooohhhhh. Thx @missoverexcited