Donald Duck

Donald does not wear pants, except when he swims (sometimes)


This concludes my random thought of the day.


You are right – I was going to claim he wears running shorts when he runs but I just checked my 2019 half marathon race shirt and he is not wearing shorts.

that’s a little gruesome. Glad I didn’t see him on the course…

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That would be rough running!

I can’t stop laughing at this!

I’m reminded of Pogo changing into his swimsuit, behind a shrub.

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Whatever you do, don’t google “scientifically accurate DuckTales.”

I know that reference. I second your “don’t”. I was tricked into watching it, and have never felt the same way about ducks since.

Now I want to google it.

Oh dear lord WHY DID I GOOGLE THAT???

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Another Pogo fan??? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Seriously, don’t.

How come when you tell people “don’t”, that’s all they want to do?

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People are contrary.

I actually haven’t though…yet. I’m definitely going to though.


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I’m not, but only because i don’t want to, not because you told me not to


that’s why they say with kids instead of saying don’t forget your homework, say remember your homework. …guess its the same with adults


I say "Do your homework, or else. "


So funny, I never click on @Fatty_McButterpants links because I know better. But I bet if everyone was saying, “don’t do it” I would!