Dolphin & Swan Pool Rules

Can your friends (who are not staying at the hotel) swim in the pool, if you are with them? We are staying at the Dolphin for 5 days and would like my brother’s family to hang out with us at the pool for an afternoon. I know this isn’t possible at Disney resorts, but since this is actually run by Marriot, hoping it is possible.

I think it you are going by the rules the answer is no. Would anyone know, probably not. They check room key for towels but not much other than that.

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I can’t speak to the Swan and Dolphin but I think the only Disney resort that’s really policed is the Beach Club/Yacht Club. We hung out with my brothers-in-law at the pool at AKL last year.

As @mgrayar said, you only need a room key to get towels. There’s no gates or anything. I’ve only been in January and September, but the pool was never so crowded they’d need to restrict access.

That is good news. Thanks!

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Actually I’m pretty sure yes - at least a couple years ago that was the case. I have local cousins with kiddos and asked the hotel if they would be allowed and they said yes. Don’t know if anything has changed since then or if Covid had affected that.