Dolphin Resort ever part of discounts?

Just wondering if the Dolphin or Swan is ever part of the the room-only discounts. I know that several Liners have stacked Orbitz discounts on other Disney Resort reservation but I wasn't sure if you could the same with Dolphin or Swan since they are owned by Sheraton/Westin. Anyone ever done this or know? Thanks!

No the dolphin is not a Disney owned resort so you would need to use the Sheraton discounts for it. And you have to add on resort fees and parking fees and no free transportation from airport.

Dolphin has pretty good discounts on its site. I was able to get lagoon view, balcony room for 174 summer. got connecting room for much less (125?). Used senior discount. They have discounts for teachers, public service employees, etc.

One little ploy I learned from UG- If you find a better rate on any other website, just mention to hotel if they quote higher, and they'll match it. I much preferred booking through hotel than another website.

They charge a (20?) resort per night fee, give you 2 waters per day, that was nice. We opted to not rent a car this trip, so skipped the 20. day parking.

Great!! Thank you!! We really just want to be in walking distance or boat to EP/HS so we are not planning to rent a car. Not planning to do a dining plan either... Just a short 3 or 4 nights.

Go online and get their rewards card. You never know, you may find you love it!

Its a great place but yea, the price is deceptive.. when you add in the fees it brings it in line with Boardwalk area hotels standard rooms.