Dolphin Parking validation (and handicap parking)

Quick question… we’re eating at bluezoo tonight, and we’re going to end up having to take two cars. We have TIW and we have a handicap placard for one of our party. Would bluezoo validate parking for more than one car? Is it self park or valet that they validate for? Do they do TIW validation? Is handicap parking at a reduced cost for valet because it is so far to walk from the handicap spots?

Just looking to see what our best options would be.

What a great question! Does the Dolphin waive the fee for TiW?

Bluezoo does do TIW, and will validate valet parking if you eat at one of the restaurants there whether you have TIW or not.

…… and the meal was exceptional as always!

It is my favorite bar but I have never eaten there ! Thank you for reporting back!

Is it all Swan and Dolphin restaurants that validate for dining?