Dolphin Hotel Questions

I just booked a trip for October 2015 for a week at the Dolphin Hotel. I had a few questions for anyone who may have stayed there.

1 - How did you get from MCO to the Dolphin? I was looking at Mears, but I don’t know if it will take a long time to get to the hotel using the shutte. I am wondering if the Van though Tiffany Transport or Happy Limo would be better.

2 - How big are the mini fridges? Would they fit some deli meat and milk and maybe a few snacks?

To answer question 2, it will hold a half gallon of milk, some meat, and small snacks.

I also have a dolphin question. Can it be booked as a package through wdw travel? For example, I have a hotel and ticket package booked for food and wine, and was thinking of upgrading from pop to swolphin. Also, do they charge for parking? I’ve read about a resort fee.

Daily fee ($23) and parking per day charges can add up.

I used Mears and it didn’t take very long, under an hour. Actually probably made fewer stops on way to hotel than DME.

Agree with others, resort and parking fees can add up, so make sure you’re budgeting for that. Loved the location, wish I took more advantage of walking to EP and HS, but the boat was a nice way to rest legs too.


Yeah, the fees are a little crazy. I am paying $160 for 7 days and I think that just includes wifi and 2 bottles of water a day! I am super excited about being so close to Epcot and HS!

@GrownUpLilo did you have to book the Mears shuttle prior to your trip or is that something you can just pick up at MCO upon arrival? We are staying at the Swan in 80 days and plan to use Mears.

I booked in advance but can’t remember if you can book on the day too

Melany, we just got back f dolphin (2nd stay).

  1. tiffany transport rocks. so patient with baggage delay at airport, so nice people.
  2. we were able to fit 2 1/2 gals milk, 2 1/2 gals juice in 1 fridge. go figure. plus lots else.
  3. only prob - were told ok 11 am early checkin, nope. 3:30. told would refrigerate food. nope. had a little spoilage. that said, hotel did reimburse us very fairly for the trouble.

everything else about the hotel greatly exceeded all expectations. heavenly beds, even the room was heavenly, with the view and all the terrific personnel, cleanliness, elbow room. pools great too.

iheart, I booked directly w dolphin, using senior discount which gave us an upgraded balcony room with view for 174. got a connecting room for 134. unofficial guide recommended to use direct booking for best rates. also UG said check other sites (orbitz etc) if they look better, then tell hotel and they’ll give you same price, so really even easier way to book as well. lots of discounts on dolphin site - teachers, govt workers, seniors etc.

we opted to use tiffany van, no car - dis transportations to parks was very good. so eliminated parking fee (20. day I think). resort fee unavoidable but total savings for a luxury room in epcot area considerable.

We’ve stayed at the Swan on SPG points and will be at the Dolphin in Dec. I prefer Tiffany Transport or Happy Limo over Mears. Getting a van or town car can be a cheaper total than paying per person for Mears if you have 4 or more. Tiffany Transport or Happy Limo will also make a stop at Publix or Winn Dixie for groceries, if you ask them. Plus, they are taking your crew and only you, so none of the additional stops that Mears may have. We did Mears once when it was just DW and myself. GF was the last stop and it took us a couple hours to get there between waiting for the Mears coach to be full enough to leave and all the other stops.

Another option if you are doing any other travel is a rental car. For most agencies, you can p/u you car at MCO and turn it in at the Dolphin. We have done this a number of times when we visit my family in Cocoa Beach for a couple days before heading over to WDW.

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Just called the hotel. It is true that the Dolphin has double beds in their standard rooms, while the Swan has Queen beds in their standard rooms. I has already booked at the Dolphin for the Fall 2015, due to some of the reviews, but this issue of bed size was making me consider changing.
However, Just found out that the Dolphin will be undergoing renovations in the Fall (and yes the reservation person confirmed the possibility of noise)!!!
So I just changed my reservation to the Swan.