Dolphin and Swan hotel buses changed from Disney Transportation to Mears shuttles

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin theme park drop off locations move to charter lots following yesterday’s switch to Mears shuttles

Lots of news today!


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"the Magic Kingdom stop is now at the Transportation and Ticket Center, and not at the main entrance as it was previously. "


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@Tall_Paul1 I was just about to tag you!

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Wait, not that big of a deal, just use YC or BW bus, right?


Agree! Not a deal breaker. I’ll be using lyft a lot as well. BUT STILL. The TTC for those who do ride the bus??

Swan/Dolphin question for anyone who knows- is there mobile check in? Or do we have to go to the check in desk?

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Yeah, I would be doing that anyway for MK day to go to Wave breakfast, so this really just affects my AK morning and adds some more walking, either from the Mears dropoff to AK entrance or from Swan to YC/BW.

Today I am checking into the Swan for the first time in 10 years. Of course I am MK today. I am on a BC bus now. Not too bad to get around it.


These hotels fall under the Marriott domain.

Marriott has online check-in with their app, but I don’t know if Swan/Dolphin are included.

When we stayed there a few years ago, still needed to get room keys.

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Awesome. Looking forward to hearing about your Swan experience later on.


One difference already was DW was able to get into our room at 10:30 this morning. Which was good cause she has to work from there today.


BC/YC/BW people who are paying quite a bit more for their stay vs Swolphin might not be too happy about this change.

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And the hours changed for AK from 9 AM to 8 AM (assuming it did for your dates as well?) so that is an EARLY morning with some extra steps.

Yes, @glauchies let us know how you find your experience :slight_smile: I hope it’s Magical

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I am planning to have breakfast at YC for this specific reason (reports that MK transport is better there than at Swan). But this seals the deal. Only other day to worry about is AK. Where does Lyft drop off there? Is it any closer than where the Mears buses will drop off?

So far. DW Not happy about the busses. Most of the quick service restaurants are not open fir lunch. Ended up coming to BW . Room is nice though.

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Nice view,


@Nickysyme, I remember when the Riviera dues were announced I read somewhere that the skyliner costs were embedded in the dues. Is transportation a cost? Will this drive swan and dolphin guests to transportation that is partially funded by dues?

I am staying at the Swan starting this Saturday. What are your thoughts about taking an Uber to the CR for a QS breakfast and walk to MK.

Welcome to the forum! This is probably a good move, and I plan on doing the same thing with a Wave reservation. Just a bit of caution though, that I’ve seen some reports of Ubers not being able to drop off at Contemporary for QS, and that it’s up to the guard’s discretion, whereas an ADR at a Table Service will always be accepted. I’d guess you’re about 80-90% safe doing that from what I’ve seen. Good luck, and have a wonderful trip!