Dollywood tips?

Would love some Dollywood tips. I’m traveling with 17 family members aged 4-74 so I’d love to know what’s a must do & what’s worth skipping since we only have one park day. TIA :heart:

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Report back! I was pricing out Dollywood today!! I have not been since 2009 (& 2001).


You might check out this thread and ping some of the knowledgeable people that chimed in there.

I will always remember that thread… I got a :heart: out of @ryan1 on that one.

(LOL - I actually have no idea how I realized that, but it now pops into my head whenever someone points out his lack of :heart:ing.)

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I love Dollywood! I thought the Dragonflier was fantastic (I am a Big Thunder Mountain Fan but not a rock-n-Rollercoaster fan if that helps), my brother was scared shitless on the Mystery Mine by a blast of actual fire that he wasn’t expecting- best coaster photo ever, of course I bought it. haha. We all loved the cinnamon bread too, it is super sweet but worth sampling at least. If you need to skip something, I would say the river raft ride isn’t anything you can’t find somewhere else, I wouldn’t wait long for it.

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Did any of you end up going? We are taking DS5 and DS2 in spring as part of a group of 18 (not sure how many will join us for Dollywood).

I was just looking at Dollywood the other day lol

There are more current Dollywood threads from this week.

Worth looking at since kids under 10 are free and 2 day tickets are like $110…a steal!

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Heading there today!

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Wow really? That makes this more realistic!

It’s a 15 hour drive from MA. Would be tough, but I’ll have to do some more research

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