Dolewhip at Pop

I thought I had heard that there is Dole Whip for sale at Pop. But when I look at the menu options, I don’t see it. If they have it, where is it? Do you happen to know if they have pineapple/vanilla swirl? Thanks!

They do have Dole Whip; can’t remember if they have pineapple/vanilla swirl, though. The counter to order it is kind of behind the food area. It’s very hard for me to explain, though. The food “windows” are arranged in a semi-circle, and you go around the left side and there is a counter there. Hope I explained that well enough. It’s not obvious when you are there. I had to ask at one of the food counters to get the info.

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It’s located at the pizza counter in the Pop food court - this is also where you can get ice cream sundaes and the like. Although it is the same, they don’t call it Dole Whip, it’s listed on menu board as pineapple ice cream, or pineapple ice cream float.

Thanks! Can’t wait.